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Welcome to Burnham Bridge Club
League-of-8 Shindig

Congratulations to Shindigger 2019 David Killick who finished well clear of the rest of the field with an unassailable cross-imp total of 46.

Monday Evening Organisation

Our standard organisation for Monday evening is that we start play promptly at 7:30, play 26/27 boards, and finish at 10:45. In order for the Director to be able to start play at 7:30, the movement must have been entered into the computer, and boards[/movement cards] distributed, so he/she needs to know the number of participating pairs/teams by 7:25. If you know you won't arrive by 7:25, please notify either the Centre or your partner that you're on your way and your expected arrival time.

Club policy as validated by the recent members' vote is that 3-board sit-outs for pairs events are to be avoided and so, with a half-table, our standard movement will be based on 2-board rounds. Our Directors have been instructed that, once the movement for the evening has been selected, it should not be significantly changed to accommodate unnotified late arrivals, particularly where this might prejudice the prompt commencement of play.

Burnham seminar July 1st

Our July seminar is a follow on from a seminar exactly 5 years ago.  In July 2014, I took a look at safety plays in the context of IMP scoring (Teams).  Rarely, but frequently enough to matter, there is a justification for a safety play in a MP (pairs) competition.  Tomorrow night, I'll take a look at how this might come about and why the right time to make a safety play in a duplicate pairs session might arise.

The seminar is free, starts at 18:45 in the Garden Room at SBBC, and will finish in time to play bridge in our evening duplicate.  I hope to see you tomorrow night.


Burnham AGM & Prize-giving


This year's AGM  and annual prize giving was held on June 10th.

 Competition Winners 2018-19








 Club Pairs

Chrys Poole &

Steve Lee


David Killick &

Nigel Lancaster


Bob Holder &

David Beever


 Teams of Four

 Gwen Stoneham Trophy

Nigel Wolfendale


Bob Holder


Chris Mooney


 League of 8

 Peter Hall Trophy

Charles Chisnall


Bill Godenzie





 Multiple Partners

 Addis Page Trophy

David Owen


Nigel Lancaster


David Beever


 Most Master Points Won

 Chairman’s Cup

Bob Holder


Evelyn Crossley


Nigel Marlow


 Most Improved Pair

 Raymond Worral Trophy

Sue Dickens &

Graham Dickens


Brenda Vitty &

Evelyn Crossley


Chrys Poole &

Steve Lee


Burnham C(hiltern) League-of-8 Team

The team completed its inaugural year in the Chiltern League with a 13-7 win away to Newbury A, leaving Burnham at the top of the division. Loddon Vale weren't able to manage the 20-0 victory needed in their final match to upset things [they lost 5-15].

Things have worked out pretty much as we'd hoped, providing opportunities for members who wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to represent the Club to take part. Some 15 members played for the team, with Colin Dale taking the role of administrative captain.

Thanks to all who've supported the Club in this venture: we hope that as many of you as possible will take part in the Chiltern Elimination Pairs heat at the Club on April 1st [see below].

Can you beat this contract?

You're playing teams and, as West, you lead J. Partner wins with the Ace as dummy and declarer play small. Now partner returns 4, and declarer plays 6.

Any chance of beating this contract?

As East didn't play the heart Queen, South must have it, with at least one more.

If East has ♠A the contract's down whatever, and South is someone you'd like to play against at high-stakes rubber bridge. So let's assume South has the Ace.

Prospects for defeating the contract are not bright and, at the table, West took Q, A, and gave up. Can you see something else he/she might have done?

What if East held ♠Jx and K? Now there is a contract-defeating strategy. Take the first diamond with the Ace, and return the Queen.

East will give this odd play a double-take, then stop to think. If he/she gets it right, a third diamond will hit the table. Okay, it gives declarer a completely useless ruff and discard, but it also allows West to ruff, thus promoting East's Jack.

Easy game!


Berks & Bucks CBA Events


Burnham members have already featured in the initial  Berks & Bucks CBA competitions of the 2018-2019 season:

  • Heather & Matthew Tan won the Swiss Pairs for the Denys Jenkins trophy on 17th October 2018, with  David Owen & Bob Holder in joint 2nd place, Dick Davey & Paula Hopkinson in 4th place, and Liz Hayton & Angela Flintoft in 5th place
  • David Owen & Bob Holder were placed second in the Mixed Swiss Teams for the Carole Mueller Trophy held at Windsor on Sunday 11th November, after finishing 1st equal with a Butler score of 74 - leading the field by a clear margin of 25, the final result being determined from the head-to-head boards. Evelyn Crossley & Eva Wallen finished in 4th place. 
  • David Perkins & Phil Thornton playing with Carole & Herb Mueller were placed second in the Butler scored pairs for the Jarrett Cup held at Windsor on Sunday 2nd December.  As there was a 3-way tie for the 3rd place, this was awarded on the basis of the head-to-head tie-break results to Evelyn Crossley, David Owen, Bill  Godenzie & Charles Chisnall.
  • Charles Chisnall, David Owen, Bill Godenzie & Evelyn Crossley won the Perkins Cup in the teams event played at Windsor on 17th February, with Nigel Wolfendale, Bob Holder, Dick Davey & Paula Hopkinson taking second place.

Forthcoming competitions are:

  • The Senior Pairs for the Directors' Cup to be held at SBBC on 17th April 2019

About Burnham Bridge Club
About Burnham Bridge Club

We have twice weekly sessions of good standard Duplicate Bridge at the very attractive South Bucks Bridge Centre - a purpose-converted 16th Century barn in its own grounds, between Beaconsfield, Maidenhead and Slough 

Our main session is at 7.30 every Monday evening, when we play Pairs, except Teams of Four on the third Monday each month except when this is a bank holiday.  A host is available to play with anyone without a partner on Pairs evenings.

We use Bridgemates, for instant scoring, with current scores displayed on a large screen.  Hand records and results print-outs are available within a few minutes of the end of every session. 

Several teams from the Club compete in the Berks and Bucks League of 8, with the A team in the first division.  We also encourage less experienced players and hold monthly free seminars before the start of an evening session.

Monday Night Host

A host is available for all Monday evening Duplicate Pairs sessions,
so anyone coming along without a partner is guaranteed a game.  This service may be used by any player not more than 6 times in a calendar year.

This does not apply for teams evenings or special events- check the calendar



Duplicate Pairs
Director: Malcolm
Director: David
Duplicate Pairs - Summer Party
Director: Nigel
Duplicate Pairs (Seminar at 18:45)
Director: Sue
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Malcolm
Director: David
Mon 29th Jul 2019
Duplicate Pairs
SBBC 7.30 pm
Director: Nigel
Mon 5th Aug 2019
Duplicate Pairs (Seminar at 18:45)
SBBC 7.30 pm
Director: Sue
Mon 12th Aug 2019
Duplicate Pairs
SBBC 7.30 pm
Director: Malcolm
Thu 15th Aug 2019
Ascot To24 Match
Ascot 7:15
Mon 19th Aug 2019
SBBC 7.30 pm
Director: David
Mon 26th Aug 2019
Duplicate Pairs
SBBC 7.30 pm
Director: Nigel