Buchanan Bridge Club
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Application for Membership

Please read the following and then complete the form below.

The Annual Membership Fee for 2022/23 for the Buchanan Bridge Club is -

Ordinary £80
Junior (16 - 25) £10

Fees are half price from 1st November

Please see below for a description of the different categories of membership.
The SBU membership fee for 2022/23 (£8) is also assumed payable unless you have a named SBU home club elsewhere.

Do not include payment at this stage.

The applicant should be proposed and seconded by two Ordinary members of the Club to whom the candidate and his/her suitability for membership is personally known.


Your Personal Information
The Buchanan Bridge Club will collect and use your personal data in compliance with the (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation and all relevant UK legislation. Our legal basis for holding and processing your data is our legitimate interest and needs as a bridge club. Club officials will use this data for running the club and recording its membership, providing you the member with information, and to help us with the organisation of bridge events. This information will be recorded in our membership file, which is stored in computer form in compliance with the GDPR. Our membership data is shared with the Scottish Bridge Union, the governing body of the game of duplicate bridge and the SBU West District committee.
A restricted amount of your information (name, SBU number, post town and SU ranking) will be listed in the SBU’s database made available for use by scoring program providers and users. This is to allow the correct identification of players for scoring purposes and subsequent ranking promotion. Your data may be processed by Bridgewebs that act as Data Processors on our behalf. They may only use your data for the specific purposes for which they act as our data processors. They are not allowed to pass this on to any other organisation. Your personal data is not passed on or sold by us to any third parties whether or not connected with bridge.
Full information about our data use policies, including how you can see what data we hold about you, how you can limit its use and how you can ask for any inaccuracies to be corrected, is available on our website or can be obtained from the club secretary.

By becoming a member of the Buchanan Bridge Club you automatically become a member of the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU). If you have not been a member of the SBU before, you will be allocated a membership number by the SBU. You will receive an automated email from the SBU, inviting you to log on to the membership database (MEMPAD) and then to choose a password, enabling you to maintain and control your personal information.

If you have been a member of a bridge club in the past, even many years ago, please give details of your previous club, address, SBU or EBU number. This information will help us to trace your SBU/EBU number and thus your points status.

The data we need to operate as a bridge club is the following minimum: -

Forename and Surname*
Full postal address
Landline and/or Mobile phone number(s)**
Email address***
We will not normally request or need age/DoB information, or any financial information.

* If your surname is common, and even more if it is allied with a common forename, it would be helpful to have any middle name initials to avoid identification difficulties.
** Both would be very useful, one is useful.
*** email addresses are almost essential for communication purposes, and if you wish to access your data on-line, then essential. We would prefer that each individual player has their own unique email address, but members of the same household may share an email address.

If you have a disability which would necessitate a Personal Emergency Exit Procedure being drawn up for you indicate in the form below under Disability? It is the responsibility of all members to notify the Committee if this is necessary now or any time in the future if your circumstances change.


1. ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP – This is the norm and by far the largest category. In the opinion of the committee, an ordinary member has achieved a satisfactory standard of play, and is entitled to play in all the competitions within the club.

2. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP – This is for bridge players who are aged between 16 years and 25 years.


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