Buchanan Bridge Club
Release 2.19o
Next Committee Meeting

Thursday 27th May, 10.00am

Financial Changes

Please note the financial changes and charges which took effect from 1st November 2019.

1. Table money £4.50.    (not including tea/coffee which remains the same)

2. Entry fee for visitors £6.00.

3. Cost of playing in League matches remains at £4.00 per person for this season and then be increased to the same as other table money next season.

4. Class fees  £80.00 per block of ten lessons including tea/coffee. 

5. In order to encourage participation, there will be NO ADDITIONAL ENTRY FEE for CLUB TROPHY COMPETITIONS.
SBU / West District events may incur a small additional charge as does the annual event for the Liz Smart Trophy.

6. Winner/s in Buchanan Trophy events will receive the trophy at the AGM with no additional prize money. Prize money based on the current scales of numbers participating in each event will be paid as per usual on the evening. 

The Committee