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Bridge classes at the Buchanan
Bridge classes at the Buchanan

All Classes Suspended

All our classes run on Thursday evenings (7.00pm start) and course notes are supplied. Digital technology is used as appropriate. There are three sessions, each consisting of ten lessons, from September until May. T
he whole course lasts three years. The cost is £70 per session.

We follow the updated and amended SBU (Scottish Bridge Union) course which is structured and cumulative – the very best way to learn. Our classes are fun and “hands-on” so you will be playing simple bridge in no time! You will be made very welcome.

Please note that, except for the Beginners' course, participants must be members of a club affiliated to the SBU. In the case of oversubscription priority will be given to members of the Buchanan.

Beginners - Teacher: Kathleen Craig
Beginners  -  Teacher: Kathleen Craig

These introductory lessons are designed to have you playing simple bridge very quickly and are based on the Scottish Bridge Union course. You do not need to have a partner. Each lesson is generally followed by a quiz and then you play bridge for the rest of the evening in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Topics: Basics of Bridge, Hand Evaluation, Play in No Trump / Suit Contracts, Scoring, Minibridge Tournament, First Steps in Defence, First Steps in Declarer Play, Simple Opening Bids, Bidding Ladder, Bidding Game, Tournament
Download the application form here.

Intermediate 1 - Teacher: Dorothy Sim
Intermediate 1  -  Teacher: Dorothy Sim

The Intermediate 1 course continues the improved SBU course started in the Beginners' class. When you are ready, you can also practise your play in the Supported Tournament which is held on Tuesdays and is designed to create a friendly and educational style environment.

Topics: Opener’s Rebid, Transfers, Play in NT, Play in a Suit, 2NT Opener, Tournament, Reverse Benji – Strong 2/2 Openers & Weak 2/2 Openers, Hand Evaluation, Tournament
Download the application form here.

Intermediate 2 - Teacher: Janice Hutchison
Intermediate 2  -  Teacher: Janice Hutchison

The Intermediate 2 class concludes the 3-year course. When you are ready, you can also practise your play in the Supported or Bronze Tournaments on Tuesdays.

Topics: Revision bidding and card play, Opener's Rebid with a strong hand, Responder's Rebid, Cue Bidding and Slam Bidding, More on No Trump Play, More on the Takeout Double, Negative Doubles, More on Card Play (Communication, Hold Up Play and Ducking, Counting, Cross Ruffing, Signalling),  Competition

Download the application form here.

Refreshers - Teacher: Laurence Archer
Refreshers  -  Teacher: Laurence Archer

For those who want to consolidate their knowledge base, giving them the confidence to put into practice what they have learned in the SBU classes. Also suitable for those who have played in the past and would like to revise the basics or update their knowledge. Taking a different theme each week, participants will discuss options and methods, and practise bidding and play with immediate feedback.

Topics: Getting the Basics right, Counting round the table, 1NT Opening, Stayman, Transfers, Bidding 3NT, Leads, Defence at trick 1, Discards, Honour sequences, Play / defend 3NT
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