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Interesting Hands
No Fear Tournament Thursday 29th April, 2021

Board 2

E      P
S      1NT
W     2H
N      X    If you have not discussed this, you should. Play this as take out. Note that 2H will make and you do normally gain from penalty Xs at this level unless your defence is hot.
E      P
S      3C

Lead KH. Declarer wil ruff a heart, draw trumps and later take spade finesse for 10 tricks.

Board 3

W      1H
E       2C    Close call between 1NT and 2C. With such a good suit 2C is OK
W      2NT   15-17
E       3NT   Good outcome

Lead 3S. Declarer will take the first 12 tricks.

Board 4

W      3H
N       P
E       P
S       X    Take out, but if partner chooses to pass and convert to penalty, you are not worried.
W      P
N       3NT    Denies 4 spades and shows a good heart stop
E       P
S       P    The JH looks like a useful card

Lead QH. Declarer can win this and play the AC and 8C. 10 or 11 tricks coming now.

Board 6

S       1H
N       1S
S       2D
N       3C*   fourth suit forcing (to game), please tell me more
S       3D    5 diamonds. So either 5,5 or 6,5
N       3H    You have your fit, so show it now
S      3NT     Showing club stop in case that helps
N       4H     North now knows that south is 5,5,3 or 5,5,2,1. Either way spades don’t look quite as good now. Settle for game.

Lead 3C. Win AC, unblock AD immediately, draw trumps for 11 tricks. 

Board 9

N      P
E      2H    Some frown on this, with 4 spades as well. It’s not the end of the world.
S      2C    11-15, good suit
W     3H    slight stretch, but OK
N      5C    2 aces, a singleton, club fit. What else would you want?
E      P
S      P
W     P

Lead KH. Win AH, draw trumps, take the double finesse in diamonds.

Board 10

E      P
S      1D    With 13 points treat this as 5,5, allowing a sensible rebid of 2C
W     1S
N      P
E      4S    2 aces, a singleton, trump support ( sounds familiar)
S      5C    4 loser hand, asking partner to pick a minor
W     P      Acesless hand so be cautious
N      P      Partner will be 5,5 or better, so 5C is OK
E      ?      You decide. P or 5S. 

Board 13

N      1C
E      P
S      P
W     1S
N      3C
E      3S
S      P
W     4S
N      5C
E      X
Lead KS. Declarer has nowhere to go and will lose 4 tricks.

No Fear Tournament Thursday 22nd April 2021

Board 2

E      P
S      P
W     1D   With 5,5 diamonds and clubs, always open 1D
N      3S   Normally you are too strong for this, but partner has passed
E      4D  With a near opening and good diamond support, this is OK
S      P    Balanced rubbish
W     5D  5,5 often plays well. At least you know something about the distribution

Lead  KS. Assuming 1 of the 3 finesses works you have 9 tricks in minors and 2 in hearts.

Board 3

S      1H
N      1S     Taking it slowly, want to hear rebid from south
S      2H
N      4S     Heard enough. Slam unlikely, so settle for safe game

Lead 5C.  Win club continuation, draw trumps, knock out AD, claim 11.

Board 4

W      1D
N       2C
E       2S    10+ points, 5+ spades
S       P
W      3D
N       P
E       P    Partner does not like spades, has not tried for NT, so it’s pass

With only 2 losers, 5D makes, shame. Next board!

Board 5

W      2S     Perfectly reasonable 2S here
N       P
E       3S     3 card support, a singleton, an Ace. Do NOT bid hearts. You have a fit.
S       4D     Any other suggestions? If you X, partner will assume you have some hearts.
W       P
N        5D    Partner has bid a new suit at the 4 level, you have 3 important cards.

Lead 6S. 11 top tricks roll in.

Board 6

E       2S     Too weak to open 1S, don’t want to pass
S       P
W      4S     Don’t bother with 2NT enquiry, you are bidding game with 2 quick diamond tricks
N       P      With 3 quick tricks, north is hoping to beat this.

Lead KH.   Just losing that heart trick.

Board 8

W     P
N      1C
E      1S
S      2H     long hearts make up for lack of points
W     2S    Balanced hand so some caution
N      3C    Free bid so extra values
E      3S    Only 6 losers
S      4H

Lead JS. With a diamond and 2 spades to lose South must rely on the heart finesse for 10 tricks.

Board 14

E      1S
W     4C     Splinter, singleton or void in clubs, good spade support, GF
E      4NT   You have Ace (4 points) above average, so can justify going to 5 level
W     5D      1430, so shows 3 or zero
E      6S      Heard enough, partner must have the 3 to jump to 4 level

Well done Alastair and Jane, only pair to bid slam.

Board 15

S      2S
W     P
N      P
E      X     X first then bid NT with this kind of hand.
S      P
W     3H    always prefer a major in this situation
E      4H

Lead is either 10S or QH, try 10S. Declarer will lose 2 hearts only.

No Fear Tournament Thursday 15th April 2021

Board 1

N       1H      intending to rebid 2NT, showing 18, 19
S       1NT    6-9 Points, denies a 4 card spade suit
N       3NT    with known minimum of 6 points with partner, bid the game

Lead 4C.  You normally want to lead the unbid major, but with such a good suit, why not?
Declarer -  3S, 2 potential H, 3D so 1 short. If hearts or diamonds break evenly that would do. However you are about to lose 4 or 5 club tricks first, so this is a 3NT you are not going to make. Next board please!

Board 2

E      P     You would like to bid, but don’t have a bid - yet.
S      P
W     P
N      1C
E      1H    Shows decent 5 card suit, can’t show the diamonds at the moment
S      3C    9 points + singleton. On this occasion the poor spades are bypassed
W     3H    10 points, an ace, a doubleton. Do not introduce spades. You have a fit.
N      5C    5 losers, extra length in clubs, KS protected, partner has a singleton heart
E      5H    5 losers. With 6,5 distribution, you can usually bid 1 more.
S      P      said your piece
W     P      hope partner has some good cards
N      ?      why does this always happen to me?

North has a dilemma. Assume no club losers, know there are no heart losers, does partner have the AS or AD, or even both? Tempting to bid 6C, but since partner passed originally, and you have 14 points, it’s ambitious. X and settle for points. Oh, dear, wrong decision again. But notice how many pairs have not even bid game, so at pairs, X is correct here for that reason. At teams, working it out and biding 6C would bring a smile to your team mates.

Board 3

S      P     This is a horrible 1C opening, and does not meet Andrew Robson 20 rule.
W     4S    Shows 8 excellent spades, well can’t think of anything better. 5S?
N      P
E      6S    Well can’t think of anything better! 7S? (that’s what my partner does, lol)

Board 5

N      1C     with a view to rebidding 2NT
E      1S     just about OK
S      2H     5+ hearts, 10+ points
W     P       balanced hand = bad news
N      2NT  15-19 wide ranging after 2H from partner
E      P
S      3NT    partner has denied 3 hearts, so OK to settle for game here.

Board 7

S      1NT    1S also OK here
N      3NT    not messing about here. 2 aces, 6 card suit, 11 good points.

If south opens 1S, there will be a 2C response, and 2S rebid, after which north can invite game with 3S, 4S will be final contract, going off.

Board 8

N      3C
S      3S   key bid. After a preempt, a new suit is natural and forcing.
N      4S   now shows 3 card support

With the south hand you do NOT bid 3NT over the 3C. In 3NT you might not make any of dummy’s clubs if there was no entry to dummy. You are either bidding 4S or 5C. 3S gets you to 4S, failing that 5C would be next.

Board 11

S      P     This is not a weak 2 or weak 3.
W     P
N      1C    with a view to rebidding 2NT
E      3H    bit strong for this but partner has passed

S       3S    count round the table. West passed initially, allow a max of 10 points. East has made a ‘weak’ preempt, allow a max of 10 points. Partner must have 19+. You have passed so partner will know you don’t have too much in the way of points, so will compensate with extra length in spades. Oh, how bridge is an easy game, and you have lots of time to work this out, Ae right!

W      4H
N       4S

Lead AH.  Declarer - 7S, 1H, needing 2 tricks from the minors. Draw trumps, ruff a heart to reach dummy and run the 10C. If the QC is with west you are home.

N       2NT     20-22
S       3D*      Transfer
N       3H
S       4H

Board 14
E      1H
W     1S     preferable to 2C, also keeps bidding economic
E      3D     16+, 2 good suits
W     3NT   have clubs stopped

E      4D     this is being played in hearts or diamonds, please pick one
W     5D     OK

No Fear Tournament Thursday 1st April 2021

Counting round the table - it is a great help and guide to count points as the bidding progresses around the table e.g. the opponents open, respond, and rebid as follows
1C     1H
2C      P
Assume 13 with opener, 8 with responder = 21, so between you and partner you have about 19. You know how many you have, so you can work out how many partner has. 
Whether it’s you or the opponents who open the bidding, you can apply the same type of calculations.

Board 3

S      2NT
N      3NT

So, why not bid 3C, stayman?  When you have a weakness, you do not want to give the opponents the opportunity to exploit it. If you bid 3C and partner was to respond 3D, this gives west the opportunity to X if they had a good diamond suit. Just a thought. Also, most defenders tend to lead a major against 3NT.

Lead 6S. Against 3NT with about 20 points on your right, you want to retain the AQ of hearts as these may take 2 tricks. Try to find your partner's suit, particularly a major.

Declarer - 2S, 1D, 5C. Can set up another trick in diamonds, and also hearts - diamonds look better. Allow lead to run to hand, capturing the jack with KS. Play KQ of clubs, finesse the 9C, cash AJ of clubs. Now take the diamond finesse for 9 tricks.

Board 11

S      3H
N      P

North needs to count. South will have about 8, North has 11, average = 19. You may not even have the balance of points. This is a 1 or 2 level hand for either side, you are already too high. Leave well alone. No fit, No points, = No bid

Board 12

W      1C    When planning to rebid 1NT, better to open the minor
N       1S
E       X      Shows initially 8-10 with 4 hearts, may also have 4 diamonds
S       P      Balanced hands = bad news, no goodness here for a spade contract
W      2H    7 loser hand, QS looks doomed
N       P
E       4H     6 loser hand, singleton,  doubleton, club fit 

Lead KS.    Declarer - 3H, 1D, 6C. Losers are 2S and possibly 1H.
Strategy - assuming that north takes 2 spade tricks and switches to singleton club, you next play KH and finesses JH. 11 tricks roll in. Alternative heart play is AH, and small towards dummy, covering card played by north. This caters for Qxxx in north hand.

Alternative auction might be 
1C   1S    3C    P
3NT (yes, the old faithful can do it again)

Board 14

E      1NT
S      3D      OK, so you have an extra diamond?
W     3H      To play
N      3NT    Lost count of fingers and toes! With East on lead, 9 or 10 tricks should be ok.
E      P        Can’t believe this auction!

Lead AH or QS, difficult, probably choose AH
Declarer - enjoy it.

Board 16

W      P
N       P
E      1C
S      X      Better than 1S. Overcalling 1S here gives all the wrong messages
W     2C    Barrel scraper, 0-5 points. After the X you add 1 level to your bid
N      2H    A free bid at 2 level, 8-10 points
E      3C    6 loser hand
S      P      Minimum for the original X
W     P
N      3H   Just about squeeze 1 more out of this

Lead KC. Declarer - 4S, 3H, 1D. Perhaps can ruff a club for trick 9.
Assuming AC continuation, ruff in dummy, spade to JS, finesse JH, cash AH, spade to 10S which is ruffed by QH. Defence cash a club and spade, but you make 9.