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Interesting Hands
No Fear Tournament Thursday 13th May 2021

Board 4

W      1NT
E       3NT    Don’t worry about hearts, partner will have them

Lead JS. Declarer 2S, 2H, 1D, 4C (you can only lose 1 club at most to the Q)
With 5 tricks outside of clubs, you need 4 club tricks for game, so you can afford to lose one. Play to AH, and run the JC, if north covers you will be limited to 4 tricks, if north does not cover you make 5 for a top score.

Board 5

E      1C
W     1H   You want to hear the rebid from east
E      1S    This shows 5,4 clubs and spades, 11-15
W     2D*  Fourth suit forcing, want to hear more e.g. does east have diamond stop
E      2H    Shows three hearts, and by inference, a shortage in diamonds
W     4C    Game force. When you go beyond 3NT, it shows slam interest. If not interested in slam you would just go to 5C.
E      4D*   Cue bid. Can’t use Blackwood here, the cue bid just says I have good cards
W     6C    Thanks partner

Not the easiest slam to bid, but you should be in 5C at least on this one.

Board 6

S       1D
N       1S     Better to show spades at this level
S       2C
N       2NT  Hoping that clubs are a good source of tricks in NT
S       3NT  Upper range for bid, quick tricks and controls

Lead 4H. Declarer 1S, 2H, 2D, 3C to come. Need one more somewhere, try club first.

Duck the heart lead (good practice), win the continuation and play clubs, win next heart continuation with your last heart and play clubs again. West is now on lead with no hearts to play, and will probably exit with a diamond. After that it's a guess in the spade suit for trick 9.

Board 12

W      1C
N       2D   weak jump overcall
E       2S   5+ spades, 10+ points
S       P     No points, no real fit, = no bid
W      3C   Decent suit
N       P     Already described your hand
E       3D*  Asking for a diamond stop for 3NT
S       P
W      3NT   

Lead 6D or JH.
If 6D lead, west now has 10 tricks. If it’s JH, you could finesse QH for trick 10.

Board 16

W      1H    Could open 1H, 3H, or 4H depending on style and agreement
N       X
E       3H   After the X this shows 6-9 points
S      P     Not quite enough to bid at this stage
W     4H   Don’t need much encouragement here
N      X     Non Vul v Vul, anything goes 
E     P
S     5C    Well partner asked you to bid

This is a close hand with EW limited to 9 tricks in heats and NS limited to 9 tricks in clubs. Bridge is not an exact science, but it is fun.