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RealBridge Help

New to RealBridge?
If this is your first time playing on RealBridge, carry out the RealBridge Camera and Microphone Test. Carry out this test at least a day before you intend playing to allow time to resolve any problems.

Now read the RealBridge Player Guide. and all that follows below -

Log into the Buchanan website
You will need to log in using your email address and your Buchanan password. This is used for the members only section of the Club website - e.g. for the ‘Find a Partner’ facility. If you have not used this before, then you should set up your login on the website in advance: Go to Members Only on the main menu and follow the instructions in the blue boxes.

Registration will open 30 minutes before start of play.

See the Payment section.

You can pay anytime on the day of the event but registration for the event does not open until 30 minutes before start of play.

On the payment page -

  • Click the Blue button to pay for yourself.
  • Click the Red button to pay for yourself and your partner.
  • If you are playing with a visitor, click the Red button. Ensure that you have already completed a Visitor Request form on the main menu preferably the previous day. On the day of the event you will receive an email containing a link to join the tournament which you should send to your guest. Advise your guest of the RealBridge login instructions below.

Payment methods are credit cardApplePay (only available using when Safari) and GooglePay.

When you log into RealBridge, please enter your full name as used in the club. e.g. John Smith

Enter your SBU Masterpoint number as your ID Number. (Do not enter your BBO username.)

You will now be in the Lobby. Look for your partner's name and sit opposite them by clicking on the seat.  If you are first to arrive you can choose your table and direction.


If you experience problems connecting to RealBridge your device and/or browser may not be compatible.

Device Compatibility 

 Compatible  Incompatible
  • Windows laptop
  • Windows tablet
  • Windows desktop
  • MacBook or other Apple laptop
  • iPad (from 2015 or newer)
  • iMac or other Apple desktop
  • Chromebook
  • Android tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Old iPads, older than 2015.

Browser Compatibility

 Compatible  Incompatible

 Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

 You cannot use the combination of iPad and Chrome.

 Internet Explorer

 The old EDGE