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Improvers Hand 13 12/10/21
When to Pass?

This is another Hand from 13/10/2021 board 13. Thank you to Marion for sharing this.

The first comment about this hand is that no-one managed to bid the making club game.

1. Remember when North opens 1NT - South is in total charge of the auction. Why? South knows the range of points in the North hand and therefore the combined values North on the other hand has no idea.

2. It is always good to transfer into a 5 card or better major no matter what your holding in the suit;

3. South has only promised  five spades and with only three card support 3♠  is above the level of the fit and therefore breaks the law of total tricks;

4. Worse, bids like this damage partnership confidence, don't do it.

5. Partner is still there, he knows your point range and can make the appropriate decision.