Brunton Bridge Club
Afternoon Play

Wednesday Afternoon Sessions
For club players and students. No partner needed.
2.30 pm - 4.45 pm
St Aidan's Community Centre.
From July 10th, we will be instituting an afternoon membership of 5.
Members will pay 2.50 per session, non-members 3.00.
Contact: Guy Herzmark 07967194107 or Peter Avery 07887428042

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Link to RealBridge in Calendar & on Home Page


♠    Please use your full name as seen on EBU  ♣ 


Our Monday night games will restart on 6/9/21 and be run with 2 sections.

One will be face to face and the other on RealBridge. The results will be combined to get one winner.

If you want to play in our RealBridge sessions then please action the following –



Test Your Device

Test the camera and microphone on your device

Click here to test!



Then when you log in to play, we know you will be fine.

Pro Tips

  • Please log in 15 minutes before the start of play by clicking the Latest Link at the top of this page.
  • Enter your full name & EBU number in the ID box, if you do not have a number leave the box blank.
  • High Contrast UI checkbox is for those who are colour blind or have macular degeneration.

Important Information to read to maximise your experience on RealBridge:

  • List of computers and browsers which can be used  – everyone please check
  • Special information for Apple users only
  • List of controls for sound, video, how to leave, call the TD – everyone please review


Can Use Can't Use
Windows laptop       Smartphone 
Windows tablet   iPads before 2015 
Windows desktop
MacBook or other Apple computer
iPad (2015 or newer)
iMac or other Apple desktop  











Browser Updates

In Chrome, and Edge, you need to click the three little dots in the top right corner.

Updates for Chrome:


Updates for Edge


Information for Mac Users

  • You can use Chrome as an alternative to Safari (its web video support maybe better).
  • In Safari there is a menu item "Safari > Settings for the website..." In that window for RealBridge, select "Allow all auto-play" media, and set the camera & microphone permission to "Allow".

Buttons & Controls

This turns your camera off or on - so the table can/can't see you Turns your microphone on/off-so the table can/can't hear you(use this to eliminate any background noise in your home
This turns off/on your view of everyone else (they can still see you) This refreshes all of your video feeds (use these if they are stuck)
This symbol allows you to chat to your table. If you are on a PC, the chat bar is already displayed, since the window is wider/bigger. This lets you adjust a player's volume just for you (no-one else is affected)
UNDO  Use this button to ask your opponents to let you change your bid or call

 Calls for Director

Sends you back to the lobby where you can see all the other tables (the place where you first arrived). You can then rejoin your table or another one to see/join other players to chat at their table. This is a very useful feature as you can join any table before the game and have a social chat while waiting for your partner to arrive.


Finally, we will be using the "club friendly mode" of RealBridge. This means you alert or announce your partner's bids (verbally of course!), just as you would in face-to-face bridge at the Club.

Please support it by coming along and trying it out. You will get used to it just like you did on BBO but remember to play on RealBridge you cannot just turn up you have to click the link for your game.




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