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29th March 2020

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How to use members only
How to use "members only"

Click the "members only" button near the top right of the home page.

When you first attempt entry, you will be asked to register, and will receive an email with a link to set your password.  You are then in.   However, some email systems may place that email in a "junk" or "bulk" folder if it is recognised as being computer generated, so be careful to check there if you do not see it in your in box.

The first screen you see will be the "find a partner" tab that shows your own plans in the immediate calendar (if you enter them), and the names of people if any that have requested a partner for those dates.

Go straight to the "account" tab, and update your preferences in the entries below you EBU number.  In particular, if you wish to use the "find a partner" process, you should make at least one of the "show email/phone/mobile" entries have a "Yes" choice, so that you can be contacted by others. 

To use "find a partner", on the calendar entry for your date in that first tab, click to tick the "PR" box in the first column. Your name will then show on other members' screens, and they can contact you.

The second tab "messages" is for leaving general messages for anyone, so use this for selling your autographed convention card, asking if anyone has a particular book you want to read, or to see what others have placed there for all.
(If anyone has found how to delete messages, please let me know.  I see no "amend" button!  (Ray Green))