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19th March 2018
19th March 2018

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 19th March 2018

Present: Chris Benneworth, Eunice Ferguson, Georgia and Steve Ray

Ann Caygill, Peter Avery, Susan Green








Approval of previous minutes approved



Matters arising

The issue of how much time should be allowed when STOP cards are used in our club – it was decided that club members should observe the NEBA stop card regulations of pausing for 10secs generally, but a more “relaxed” attitude should be adopted with inexperienced players.


CB to talk about use of STOP cards before session of 26th March


Financial Report

AC provided the current financial accounts. Balance is about £10K but we have a slight loss due to the cost of the bridge mates. At current income/spending levels there is the potential to break even so the committee decided to keep things as they are just now.

Committee to review accounts annually


Future purchase of tables

EF suggested using the community centre tables but this was rejected because of their dimensions.

SR/GR will investigate the purchase of tables from ebay


Polystyrene cups

Because of environmental conditions, the committee decided phase out the use of “once only” cups.

EF will email members to request them to use the community centre cups or bring their own cups. Announcement to made before play. Members will be responsible for the washing of cups.

EF will purchase washing up liquid and 3 tea towels.


Splitting into 2 sections

There are generally 2 sections with a Mitchell movement.

In the meeting of September 4th 2017 it was decided to use both Mitchell and Howell movements according to how many tables are in use that night. The possibility of playing 1 section rather than 2 was discussed. The outcome being that we could only do this if 26 boards were available and the number of tables in use was appropriate.


SG is prepared to be trained up to use the computer / bridge mates





The calendar is available on the website and has been printed out – on display board


SR is to decide upon Captain’s Charity


Possible purchase of inexpensive printer

The use of a printer to produce Howell movement cards and provide the results of each evening’s play was looked upon favourably

SG to purchase a printer and scissors to the value of £40


Any other business

Future dates discussed

AGM – 26th May

Presentation night 4th June

EF to ask for the return of trophies

Meeting closed 6:55 p.m.