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Brunton Bridge School
Hand 3 - 27th June 2022


1. What does South open?

2. What should North be asking himself?

3. If South opens 1NT what does North bid?

4. What happens if North bids 2♦ is this a forcing bid?

5. Who is in charge of the auction North or South?

6. Assuming South bids 2 what does North now bid?

7. What should the final contract be?

8. How many tricks do you make?


1. What does South open?

1NT balanced 12-14

2. What should North be asking himself?

Is Game on YES.      NO.       MAYBE

I have 18 points 10 cards in the major suits YES game is definitley on maybe even SLAM

3. If South opens 1NT what does North bid?


How many forgot TRANSFERS please remember in these supervised sessions you can always ask for help and be guided to bid according to the lessons.

If you didn't bid 2 what did you bid that would keep the auction going, after all we have said GAME at least is on?

4. What happens if North bids 2  is this a forcing bid?

2 is forcing and South will usually just complete the transfer and bid 2 

5. Who is in charge of the auction North or South?

North is in charge of the auction South is like an obedient child and does what he is told and bids 2 

6. Assuming South bids 2  what does North now bid?

2♠ which is FORCING

South CANNOT pass his options are:

With a four card ♠ suit raise to 3♠ 

With three card support for  raise to 3 

With neither of the above and minimum values i.e. a 12 count bid 2NT

7. What should the final contract be?


8. How many tricks do you make?


Keep C.A.L.M

Count your tricks by power that is the tricks you can take NOW:

Spades                 1

Hearts                  3

Diamonds             2

Clubs                   2

Total                    8

Add tricks from other sources:

Spades                 1     possibly if opponets lead the suit

Hearts                  3      by length if the suit breaks 3-2

Diamonds            0

Clubs                   1       if the finesse works

Total                    5


Loser Check

Spades                 3 but you can discard a ♠ on the  K

Hearts                  0 (unless suit breaks 4-1 then 1 loser)

Diamonds             0

Clubs                   0

Total                    3


You always have 10 tricks.

The problem with this hand is that you only have 2 entries   K & ♣ K

If you think you will finesse the ♣  and if it woorks on the King hoping to discard a spade this will not work because West only has two clubs.

You know you have at least 10 tricks so play accordingly.

Win the opening lead, draw trumps.

Discard a spade on the  K

Well done you have made 11 tricks.

And finally of four pairs only one South played in 4 well done to Julie & Colette our first year students.

So either with a balanced hand for South 3,2,3,5 distrubution some were opening 1♣ what is your rebid? Bid 1NT and get the hand of your chest in one bid?


Transfers have been forgotten, please please ask.



Hand 1 20th June 2022 Has Stayman Died?

Well a very interesting hand. 

Each table played in 3NT but the question is why?


1. Is East's hand balanced?

2. What is East's opening bid?

3. What does West respond?

4. What should the final contract be?


1. 12-14      Balanced

2. 1NT

3. 2♣ 

4. 4♠ 


If any pair had reached 4♠ they would have the best score.

Just because Sam Stayman died does not mean you can no longer use his convention!

Hand 8 6th June 2022 A SLAM BUT IS IT A GRAND?

The question here is did you get to the Grand slam?

So as South what are you thinking when partner opens 2NT?

Normally we start with is game on - YES.      NO.       MAYBE!

On this occasion definitely.               YES


Is there another question?

Is slam on?

                                                       YES.     NO.   MAYBE?

Answer                                            YES


Is a Grand slam on?

                                                        YES.     NO.     MAYBE

Answer                                            A very definite MAYBE so how do we find out?

First we need to start with a transfer into our longer suit so we bid 3 

Next after partner bids 3  we bid 3♠ just in case partner prefer spades.

When partner bids 4  we have an easy 4NT Blackwood (either standard of Roman Keycard)


Standard response                              5      two Aces

Roman Keycard                                  5♣     three or nought of five keycards (these are the four Aces and the King of the trump suit) So partner has 11 HCP with  A ♣ A &  K. Wow he has extras.

If using RKC partner will also be aware if you don't ask about the Q, by bidding 5♦,  - that you hold that card.

Between you you hold all four Aces and the King & Queen of hearts.

What next?                                                             5NT now you are telling partner you have all the key cards

As opener I am now happy that my ♠ Q is a useful card. My hand looks very powerful and I bid 7NT. 7  is also good.

So how do I play this hand?





I am in 7NT and need to make 13 tricks.

The lead is the Jack of clubs.

1. I count my tricks:

Spades             = 3 top

Hearts               = 6 top

Diamonds          = 3 top        Honors from the short hand first!

Clubs                 = 3 top

Total                   = 15 TOP

2. At this point I lay down my hand and CLAIM 15 tricks well ok just the 13 then!

3. If you have a hand where it is as clear as this of the number of tricks that you have, CLAIM then you won't make a mistake in the play.

4. Of the 5 pairs playing this hand only one pair bid the GRAND SLAM. Well done to Linda & Eleanor.


Hand 5 30/5/2022


1. Do you open the North hand?                                                           NO

You have 11 HCP you do have a singleton BUT that will only work if you have a FIT with partner so we do not add points for shortage.

For those who do open which suit do you bid with 4-4-4-1 shape?       1 

With a singleton AND opening values we open the suit below the singleton - EASY but not with this hand!

With a singleton club,  as here, we open the middle of the other three suits i.e. hearts

2. South opens the bidding with                                                                  1 


3♠ & 4♣   are cue bids showing first round (ACE or void) or second round (K or singleton) control . 4NT is RKC Blackwood and the response of 5 is either four or one keycard. A keycard is any Ace and/or the King of the trump suit.

3. What happens if North does open  1♥ 

Our advanced players may already have heard of Jacoby which is used where partner opens one of a major and you have at least four card support for that major AND an opening hand. So game, at least, is on.

The bid then is 2NT. So on this hand the bidding will go:

1  P 2NT P
4♣  P 4NT P
5D P 6H AP

4♣  I have a splinter! That is a singleton losing club.

So you reach the same contract but in a different way.




Hand 8 23/5/2022

Hand 8 was interesting.

1. It is West's turn to bid, do you open or pass?

With two tricks and a hand of little substance - PASS

2. If West passes then the hand will be passed round to South. What is South's opening bid?

a. Is South balanced.                                                                                                                      YES

b. What is his point count.                                                                                                               20

c. With a balanced hand & 20 HCP does this fall within any opening No Trump range?                YES

d. Open                                                                                                                                            2NT

3. What does North do now?

a. Is game on?                                                                                                                                YES/NO/MAYBE

b. 20 + 6 = 26 HCP                                                                                                                         YES game is on

c. At this point who is in charge of the auction North or South?                                    North - i. partner (South) has limited their hand to 20-22 points and

                                                                                                                                          ii. South has no idea of North's values anything from 0 -10

d.  Is the game in No Trumps or a suit contract?                                                                             North must investigate

e. What convention can North use with this hand?                                                                         Stayman a question bid asking South if he has 4 or more cards in a major suit i.e .♠  

As you can see the two hands prepare the bidding sequence and go to ANSWER

4. What happens if West opens 1 ?

It is likely that this will be passed round to South who is in the pass out seat so a bid of 2NT shows 20+ and again you can now return to 3 above as you will use the same responses.

Bidding Sequence
P 3♣ * P 3 
P 4 

* Stayman have you got a 4 or more cards in a MAJOR suit?