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14th Nov 2021 20:37 GMT
The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Contract Bridge.
   Table Money
Members shall pay an annual fee. The level of the annual fee to be determined at the AGM.

Members shall pay a table fee per session of such amount as the general committee determines subject to ratification at the AGM.

Visitors shall pay an additional fee to the general table fee. The level of the additional fee to be determined at the AGM.
  General Meeting
The AGM will be held in the month of April or such other month as the general committee determine provided always that no more than 15 months shall elapse between the holding of one AGM and the next.

The AGM shall be convened and notice shall be deemed to be given to all members of "The Club", the final announcement to be made not more than 14 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) may be called in a similar manner but 2 announcements shall suffice the last being not more than 7 days prior to the meeting.

The secretary shall convene an EGM on written demand signed by 5 members giving 28 days notice to the secretary of the date of the meeting. The demand and notice of the meeting must state the business for which the meeting is called, and only that business shall be transacted.

Proceedings at any general meeting of "The Club" shall not be invalidated by failure of any member to receive notice of the meeting, notice having been duly given in accordance with the rules set out above.

Voting on any matter raised at general meetings, including the election of members of the general committee shall be by a simple majority of those present and voting on a show of hands. The chairman’s declaration of the result of such a vote shall be conclusive. However, any 5 members may demand that a secret ballot is taken the result by simple majority of those present and voting, shall supersede the outcome of a show of hands.

The quorum of any general meeting shall be 20 members of "The Club".
  General Rules

Competitions shall be held at such times and under such conditions as the general committee or any sub-committee shall determine.

Any suggestions or complaints regarding the arrangements of "The Club" shall be submitted in writing and handed to the secretary or any member of the general committee and shall be considered at the next committee meeting.

"The Club" accepts no responsibility whatever for the property or belongings of any member or visitor whilst on the premises of "The Club".

Any matter not provided for in these regulations and all questions arising regarding their construction or implication shall be decided by the general committee.

The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and members of the general committee shall not be responsible, either individually or jointly, for any liabilities incurred by "The Club". All members shall be equally responsible for any liabilities incurred during their time of membership.

Alterations, additions or amendments to these regulations and constitution cannot be made except by a resolution at a general meeting.

These regulations were adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 1st of January 2000.