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The Tuesday Face 2 Face session on December 19th is our annual Christmas 'party'.

Food from (approx) 12:15, Bridge from 13:15.

This session is open to anyone who has paid a Broxbourne subscription.

Please let Marion Haldane know if you are interested.

Competition Rules
This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules.
  Handicap Pairs

The competition is played over four separate weeks. The final result is obtained by calculating the average of the three best results. To this is added the handicap which has been set at the start of the tournament and which has been obtained from all results during the preceding twelve months.

A minimum of three rounds must therefore be played. It should be noted that in order to qualify for a placing you must have played with the same partner in each round.

  Hertfordshire Events
The rules relating to all HBA events may be found in the Competitions Programme which is produced annually for members and also on the HBA website which may be accessed via 'Useful Links' on this website.
It should be noted by visitors that in the case of all club competitions as listed in the calendar, such events may be won only by fully paid-up club members.
  Club Championship
The Club Championship is played over two separate weeks and participants should note that in order to qualify for a placing they must play with the same partner in both rounds.
  Cadet Pairs Cup

Broxbourne participates annually with a qualifying round for the Cadet Pairs which is a Hertfordshire County event, the final of which is usually played early in the new year.The qualification for Cadet status is that each member of the pair must have earned (whether registered or not) no more than 5,000 master points (local or green point equivalent) by 1st October prior to the date of the final. 50% of the eligible pairs qualify for the single session final where players do not necessarily have to be members of the HBA.

The Cadet Pairs Cup is independently awarded by the club to the highest placed pair of Cadet status in the qualifying round.