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Play You Card Right Sessions are suspended until further notice.


Free CBT Beginners Course
Free CBT Beginners Course

Have a free computer based taster session.

If you have still not decided to have a go at Bridge or whether to come and join us or not but you are feeling like you want to know more about the game of Bridge why not try a ‘get you going’ computer based tutorial?

Ok - so a computer programme can’t expose you to the joy of playing against real people but it can show you the ropes – and believe you me – this software needs no prior knowledge of the game of Bridge as it takes you from not even knowing what a pack of cards is to being ready to play for real.

It’s free, simple to install and use and does not need a powerful gaming computer to run. It is for PC only – sorry…

The software is called - Introduction to Learn to Play Bridge (Acol Edition) and it’s based on the popular Learn to Play Bridge written by Fred Gitelman for the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

Don’t worry about the term Acol Edition – all this means is that it is based on the form of Bridge normally played in the UK, the so called Acol System – so this software is for the UK rather than the USA.

The English Bridge Union [EBU] promotes this software to introduce ‘Acol’.

Most of the sections remain unchanged from the ACBL version but the sections on ‘Introduction to Bidding’ and ‘More on Bidding’ have been modified for the UK market – allowing for 12-14 No Trump and 4-card majors. Opening 2-bids are introduced as ‘strong’ bids in line with traditional Acol. There is also a new section entitled ‘About the EBU’.

Again as you are starting from knowing nothing about the game – Don’t worry – none of these ‘finer’ points are relevant!

Please download the software by clicking here. When I last checked it was perfectly safe!