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What is Bridge All About
What is Bridge All about?

What's Bridge All About?

Bridge is just a game and a card game at that. It’s no more difficult than the average card game and if you have played anything like whist as an individual or with a partner then you are already halfway there. 

Bridge is a Trick Taking game that you play with a Partner and it is the most popular partnership card game in the world.

In fact any form or cards where you play for ‘tricks’ [even the game of Hearts which is probably already on the computer you are using to read this web page] will be a great help in playing Bridge as a good ‘card sense’ will help you get ‘playing’ bridge as fast as possible. 

As well as the card play Bridge also has a short session before the play of the cards starts which decides if during the play there will be a trump suit and if so which suit that will be. 

Don’t worry about this aspect of the game – it’s both easy and logical and what’s more we will help you seamlessly grasp the concept. 

Having said all that Bridge is no different to any other game – it can be played socially, in a structured ‘club’ environment, over large weekend congresses, on holidays and cruises and in team formats which play inter club, inter region or internationally. 

Some people take it very seriously and have played for years but it is a fact that most people who learn to play Bridge only play socially – and that is a real shame! 

Here at Broughton Bridge Club we cater for Bridge players of all abilities having structured sessions to play in along with social bridge too. 

We play Duplicate Bridge, rather than Contract Bridge, and occasionally play Chicago – but don’t worry all these variants are connected with scoring and the Bridge skills we will teach you will be useable in any situation you may find yourself in. 

Our goal is not just to start people on their own Bridge journey but also to lead you through the maze of learning to play, getting some social games under your belt and then introducing you to organised daytime and evening sessions at our club on a regular basis. 

With a player database of over 250 people and over 100 weekly players we feel that we can provide you with the Bridge ‘experience’ you are looking for.