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Constitution and Rules of Broseley Bridge Club

- Object

To organise and promote bridge events for club members and visitors.

To support the provision of teaching and further development.

To maintain and enhance the playing-skills of members, and to achieve a club-standard sufficient to attract experienced new members.

- Membership, and Executive Committee

1            Membership of the Broseley Bridge Club is available to anyone who wishes to play Bridge, with the support of two Members of the Club, and upon payment of the agreed Annual Subscription (reduced to half for those joining after the end of June in any year).

2            It is incumbent upon Members of the Broseley Bridge Club also to maintain their Membership of the Broseley Social Club, the headquarters of the Broseley Bridge Club.

3            The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Club. It shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Officers shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

4            The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt other Club members to the Executive Committee, as it deems desirable.

5            The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with matters not covered by this constitution and other exceptional circumstances.

6            The Membership Secretary (Vice Chair) and Treasurer will collaborate to maintain the records of members and subscriptions.

- Meetings

1            A properly constituted meeting of the Executive Committee (“the Committee”) shall consist of at least three members of the appointed Committee. The Committee shall meet at least three times each year.

2            Minutes from meetings of the Committee will be circulated at Club playing evenings as soon as possible after the Executive Committee has agreed them.

3            An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held by end December of each year. Notice of the AGM shall be sent by the Club Secretary to all members to arrive at least seven days before the date of the meeting. An AGM is properly constituted if attended by at least three Committee Members and twelve Club Members.

4            The Committee may call a Special General Meeting. The Committee shall call a SGM at the request of a Club Member provided the request has the written support of at least three other members. Unless otherwise agreed with the Members requesting the meeting, the SGM shall be held within 28 days of the written request being received by the Club Secretary. The same conditions for notice and attendance shall apply as are required for an AGM.

5            The Committee may conduct brief special meetings to address issues relating to the organisation of events and policies regarding their structure and management on ordinary playing evenings, as appropriate.

Conditions concerning the fundamental structure of playing events and other Club events will be determined by open survey of all Members’ views, and the results will determine Club policies for events, which will not include aspects that are the province of Directors of Play.

- Finance and Subscriptions

1            The Treasurer will maintain proper records of all payments to or by the Club, and all Membership Subscriptions, and will be responsible for the management of fees collected at playing events.

2            Each year the Committee shall recommend to the AGM: (i) the Annual Subscription and (ii) the Entry Fee for new members

3            The Treasurer’s signature shall be required on all cheques drawn on the Club’s Bank Account, along with the signature of one other Committee Member.

4            Membership year commences 1st January. Subscriptions should be paid by the end of January.

5            In the event of the Club’s closure, all residual financial assets will be allocated to a Charity at the Committee’s discretion, and equipment will be gifted to another Bridge Club or to a Charity as seems most appropriate.

- Amendment(s) to the Rules and Constitution

1            Amendments to the Rules and Constitution shall be made only at a General Meeting. All proposals, duly seconded, for a change or changes in the Rules and Constitution must be: received by the Secretary in writing not less than 21 days prior to the date of a General Meeting circulated to Members with the Notice convening the General Meeting included on the meeting agenda.

2            In order to be carried, a proposal for a change in the Rules and/or Constitution requires (i) a seconder and (ii) a minimum of two thirds of the votes from Members present (including proxy representation where notified in writing to the Committee) to be cast in favour of the motion.

3            At the start of each General Meeting the Chairman shall clarify voting eligibility, and will specify the numerical requirements for a proposed change in the Rules and/or Constitution to be carried under.

4            Items in the Addendum to this document are intended to facilitate smoothness and day-to-day club activity. They may be amended by either a survey/vote of all members, or an AGM vote. Amendments will be recorded within updates to this document following each year’s AGM.

- Membership

1            Visitors may attend without joining the Club. They will be invited to join by a Committee Member after 2 or 3 attendances.

2            Visitors are ineligible for participation in events specified as “for members”.

3            New members should have regular playing experience or tuition of at least one full year.

4            Complaints made to the Committee about a member’s or a visitor’s behaviour, which is held to be unacceptably contrary to the regulations of the Club or to its expectations as indicated on membership forms will be investigated by the Committee and two other members. Members who are deemed to be in serious breach will forfeit membership, and their current year’s subscription will be refunded in full. Visitors will be asked to cease to attend.

5            The Secretary will maintain details of members.


Addendum – agreed November 2010.

A.      All individual Bridge Club Members should properly maintain their membership of the Broseley Social Club, so that (i) all that the Social Club’s necessary legal requirements can be maintained, (ii) the Social Club is properly compensated for acting as our headquarters, and (iii) the individual benefits from paying the appropriate amount in subscription. Their membership year commences 1st January.

B.       The play-starting time for the Club’s regular playing meetings is 7:30 and finishing time is 10:30. It is the responsibility of play-directors that this finish time be met.