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Committee meetings

Minutes of committee meetings are posted on the website and can be viewed here by members. The most recent minutes are from the meeting held on 08 January 2024


Click here to go to the Kent Contract Bridge Association website with information about bridge teaching, local events, competitions and clubs

2019 Competition Results
Ladder 2019
Ladder 2019

1st   Jan Whitham and Dave Harper

2nd Hilary and David Powell

3rd Jean and Paul Fishleigh

4th=  Christine Kempton and John Gibbons

4th=  Rodney Meredith and Chris Clegg


Val and Bernard Smith Award - Jean and Paul Fishleigh


Full results here


Chris and Frank Davis Memorial Trophy

Held on 8 April 2019

1st Ravi Athwal and Brad Featherman

2nd Fred Tedore and Richard Anscombe

3rd Jean O'Doherty and Brian Grimwood

Herring Cup

Held on 9 September 2019

1st Helen Smithson and Bob Middleditch

2nd Don Mitchell and Jo Lightfoot

3rd Barbara and Mark Howarth

Creighton Cup

Held on 14 October 2019

1st Richard Gibbons and Neil Wotherspoon

2nd Rajinder Sehmi and Ivan Collins

3rd Glenda and Don Gibb

Roger Horton Knockout Trophy

1st Jan Whitham and Dave Harper

Runners Up

Hilary and David Powell