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Committee meetings

Minutes of committee meetings are posted on the website and can be viewed here by members. The most recent minutes are from the meeting held on 08 January 2024


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Overview of club competitions

Bromley North Bridge Club has 5 competitions. Non members may play in competitions but are not eligible to win prizes. All prizes are presented at the Annual General Meeting in January.


This is a pairs competition for the Championship Pairs Cup.  This will be a two round competition generally played on the 4th Monday in September and on the 4th Monday in October each year.  The format for both events will be a one winner movement.  Where the same pair has played in both events, their scores will be aggregated to determine the overall score.

There are prizes for the first three places.


This is a pairs competition played on a club night in June each year. The format is for a one winner movement giving an overall winner for the competition.

All members may participate and prizes will be given to the highest three pairs where both players in each pair have 9-High NGS.


This is another pairs competition in the same format,  played in April with prizes for the first three places.


The club runs a ladder competition from February to November. This is a pairs event which takes place on the first Monday of each month (unless the club is closed or there is another event on the first Monday) as a normal club evening with the final position being converted into points.  Refer to the Ladder Rules for full details. You can see the current results by clicking here

There are prizes for the first five places. In addition, the Val and Bernard Smith award is given to the highest pair below 1st place where neither member is above a Jack on the NGS.


This is a knockout pairs competition in which, after the draw, members arrange to play their matches against their opponents on a normal club evening. Refer to the Roger Horton Trophy Draw for full details of the rules.