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Feel free to join our Beginners' course on Sunday 12 February at 3.00pm - 5.00pm even if you missed last week as there will be a review of lesson 1. 

$50 for 5 weeks including materials.

Website Help
Login Setup Help


I've noticed that some members trying to Login to the NEW Members Area are having some difficulties. Firstly, good on you for having a go. After all, the website is here to meet your needs and if it doesn't it fails.
The main issue seems to be members saying 'they didn't get an email' after they click the 'Blue Button' and enter their email address and press 'Send Set Password Email'.

If this is your problem, look in your 'junk mail' and it is probably in there. IF IT IS what you need to do is whitelist it so future emails from Broken Hill Bridge Club don't also end up there - otherwise you won't know what is going on. This can be a common issue with people using Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail Accounts etc.,

Here's a Step-By- Step of your first Login:

1. Click on "Members Only' either on the right column or in the 'Menu'

2. You are presented with a 'Member Login' Panel .......DON'T FILL ANYTHING IN HERE... IF THIS IS FIRST TIME you are NOT Logging In you are Setting Up - this time).

3. Click the 'Set/Reset Password' Button in Blue at the bottom of that frame.

4. Enter email, ABF No, or Name and press 'Send Set Password Email'

5. For couples who use the same email address you will need to enter either your name ( first and last as they appear on results) or your ABF number.

6. Then go to your email account. You should receive an email to 'Set/Reset your Bridgewebs Member Password' and a LINK. This will allow you to create your own password. REMEMBER THIS FOR WHEN YOU NEXT LOGIN. (WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE)

7. Click on the LINK and enter your email and Password and Repeat Password.


With the NEW Members Area you have total control over who has access to your Phone, Mobile and Email.
To control your privacy settings, Login to the members area and select 'Account' and scroll down.
The important decisions to make here are:

1. Opt into List Yes/No (Do you want your name to appear on the Members List - available to Members Only)

2. Next 3 questions: Opt in to show mobile/phone/email. Are you happy for some or all of these to be on the Members List - available to Members Only.

3. The last 3 are more important as they relate to the 'Find a Partner' Feature.

4. Select which, if any you want to appear on the Calendar (Public) when you select 'Find a Partner' (Phone/ Mobile/Email). You can still use the feature if you say 'No' to each. It just means that another member will need to look up your details, in the Members List to contact you. Maybe consider just your Mobile here?

5. Remember, your 'Find a Partner' detail is only visible until you get a partner and remove it.

IMPORTANT: After you have considered your exposure of details to other members and to the public and made your selections, you need to scroll back to the top and click 'SAVE', otherwise you will loose all your changes.