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Welcome to Broadmeadow

Watch out for updates regularly.  

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Welcome to Broadmeadow Bridge Club
Kirwan League Results- Congratulations


Kirwan League - Final result 

12 teams participated in the DNR Kirwan Leagues this year. This was the first time the League team matches were played online where each team got to play 11 matches between last November and now.   

A challenging and demanding competition that is contested by teams across the North Dublin region. 

 I am delighted to congratulate the winners of the Kirwan League Novice Cup and overall winners of the Kirwan league are from our Broadmeadow Club. 

 Broadmeadow (2)  team was  led by  Clare O’Neill with team members  Orla Duffy, Elizabeth Reynolds, Alex Reid, Niall Duffy and Margaret Lyons.     Well done and Congratulations from everyone at the Club. ♠   ♣ 


 IBU Club Pairs - CBAI

 IBU Club Pairs      ♠   ♣ 

Next weekend sees the final open-entry major national event of the 2021/22 season -  the IBU Club Pairs. There is one competition restricted to Master grades only, and the another open to all Intermediates and Novices.

Both competitions will take place virtually on BBO, on Saturday the 7th of May, and both will have two sessions, starting at 11 a.m. and finishing at approximately 6 p.m.

The entry fee for both competitions will be BB$15, and will be taken “at the table” as normal on BBO, so please make sure you have sufficient funds in your BBO wallet.


A formal pre-entry is not required, but you and your partner will need to register as usual on BBO once the tournament opens on the platform, which will be a couple of hours before the start time.


Please take care to ensure that you enter the correct competition – one will be clearly marked for Masters, the other for Intermediates and Novices.

Masterpoints will be awarded for these competitions in accordance with the standard schedule.

We hope that these final major competitions of the season will be of interest, and best of luck if you play!




Broadmeadow Bridge Club Social Evening May 9

Broadmeadow Bridge Club Social Evening,  May 9


We are planning a get together in Malahide Yacht Club (venue is behind the Tennis Club) on Monday 9th May at 7.30pm

Please note, we won't be playing live bridge as we are not set up to do so yet.   It will be a chance for members to get to meet each other in person and to air their views about the club going forward.

We hope as many members can attend as possible. 

 We look forward to seeing you there.  



Galway Evening Easter Congress 15-18 April, 2022
Galway Congress
The Form to enter GALWAY has been simplified and can be accessed here by found by logging into on your browser.
Galway Congress ,is scheduled to take place in the EVENINGS only, of Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April & Monday 18th. 
Please note all events start at 7.30pm except the Fast Friday Open Pairs @ 8.30pm and the Congress Teams on Sunday which starts at 7.00pm
Please note the schedule of events is as follows :-
(All events are $5.00 BBO except the fast Friday open pairs which is $3.00 BBO
Friday 15th - Mixed Pairs 7.30pm - 10.20pm
Friday 15th - Inter "B" Pairs 7.30pm - 10.20pm
Friday 15th - Novice Pairs 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Friday 15th - Gala Open Pairs 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Friday 15th - Fast Friday Open Pairs 8.30pm - 10.20pm  ($3 BBO)
Saturday 16th - Congress Pairs - 1 Session event 7.30pm (30 Boards) 
Saturday 16th- Area Master Pairs  - 1 Session event 7.30pm
Saturday 16th - Intermediate A Pairs - 1 Session event 7.30pm
Saturday 16th - Inter B Pairs - 1 Session event 7.30pm 
SSaturday 16th  - Open Pairs 1 Session event 7.30pm
Sunday 17th - Congress Teams 1 Session event 7.00pm
 Sunday 17th- Novice & Inter B Pairs 1 Session event 7.30pm 
Sunday 17th Gala Open Pairs (All Welcome) @ 7.30pm
Monday 18th Gala Open Pairs (All Welcome) @ 7.30pm
You can see the full schedule and form here :-   Diarmuid Reddan's Webpage.  he is at
If for some reason, you are unable to complete the form or indeed if you appear to be blocked on the day you wish to play, Please contact Diarmuid on 0868236618 and he will sort you out.

Other Weekly events are as follows :-

Reminder :- Every Tuesday :-

7.15pm :- diumraid MASTER SWISS TEAMS -  Log onto BBO and search for diumraid from 5.15pm every Tuesday to Register

7.30pm ;- Sligo & Friends Intermediate A Pairs @ 7.30pm search for Sligo and Register

7.30pm :- diumraid Intermediate B Pairs @ 7.30pm (Sligo)  search for Sligo or diumraid and Register

7.30pm :- diumraid Novice Pairs @ 7.30pm (Sligo) search for Sligo or diumraid and Register

For lots of more information on other events or




Congratulations to our members, Orla Duffy and Clare O'Neill, who came 1st in the Clonmel Congress Novice Competition recently.


Well done Orla and Clare.  

Partner's League update/Guests on Monday nights

Partner's League update/Guests on Monday nights


The scores after 3 draws for partners are:

34 Elaine Mulcahy.

33 Liam Dillon.

29 Mary McStay.

28 Anne Casey, Barbara Ferguson

27 Margot McGuinness.

24 Margaret Lyons, Elizabeth Reynolds

22  Clare O’Neill.

21 Gerard O’Gorman

 20 Paula Quinn, Helen Fagan

19 Niall Duffy, Bernadette Reid

18 Sylvia Kennedy.

17 Anne O’Brien, Frieda Cunningham

16 Blanaid Travers, Helena O’Riordan

15 Marese Hussey.

Points are awarded according to numbers taking part so everyone is in with a chance of a prize.


Anyone wishing to play with a GUEST on a Monday night should email Leslie 24 hours in advance with their guest's BBO name in order to have it added to the list for one night only.


Novice Pairs Championship - April 9, 2022
Novice Pairs Championship


Our national Novice Pairs Championship, for the JJ Murphy Trophy, will be held live, in the Templeogue Bridge Centre (D6W F822), on Saturday the 9th of April, over two sessions, starting at 1 pm.


This will represent a welcome return to live competitions after two years online, and, while obviously some players will be keener than others to return to the table, our feedback is that the majority are looking forward to meeting again the way they used to, explaining their bids rather than endlessly typing, and agonising over a poor bid or admiring a brilliant play.


Perhaps most important of all, the return to live bridge means that we can once again award prizes, both cash and national titles.


So, if you and your partner would like to compete for the title of National Novice Pairs Champions for 2021/22, then please get your entry in, via on our online entry system (CBAI Regional and National Competition Registration) before noon on Friday the 8th of April.


The entry fee for the competition is €20 payable on the day by either cash or card.


The best of luck if you decide to play in this competition – we hope you will enjoy it!


Yours sincerely,


Dermot O’Brien


Chief Executive, CBAI



ALERTing on BBO.

This is different to ALERTing at the TABLE.

At the TABLE your Partner ALERTs your BID.

ON BBO you ALERT your own BID by clicking on the ALERT Button (below the actual BIDs) and then making the BID.



Happy New Year everyone and hope we have all benefited from the break. We want to encourage more partner-swapping so are proposing to hold a draw for partners once a month, on the last Monday. In May we will then award prizes to those who do best on those nights.

Please use the partnership desk if you have no partner any other night; it is available as soon as the competition is set up.

Have you any suggestions for the club? We are delighted to see so many using the chat space and would encourage everyone to at least say hello and thanks as it makes us feel part of a social scene.

All the best for 2022! 




HOW to set up CHAT for use during COMPETITIONS on BBO


2. Click Mouse in BLANK Space above the CHAT line

3. You get 3 choices : a) Smaller chat font

                                   b) Bigger chat font

                                   c) Chat Manager .

4. Click on c) Chat Manager - you will then get a box which allows you to enter a Message. Set up the message and EXIT.

5. Click on Chat Manager again and your message is there for you .

6. Click on the Message and you get another box labelled Chat  .

7. Click on the BLUE tab Chat and your message goes to wherever you have designated . Normally Table.

Tip of the Week - December 22


When Playing as Declarer ( particularly in NT Contracts) :

1. Count SURE Winners between your Hand and Dummy's.

2. Identify SUIT where you wish to develop  Tricks and as soon as possible Play that SUIT to force out missing Winners.

3. NEVER exhaust your SUITs with the SURE Tricks before you have  set up your extra winners where possible.

Tip of the Week - Week 2 November


The OVERCALL in NT promises a stop in the opponent's suit and more points than opening 1NT

Tip of the Week - Week 1 November


If not opening INT,  OPEN LONGEST suit.    This ensures your rebid is correct

Tip of the Week - October 25


Always lead the  safest lead. Sequence may be interrupted.

For example - AKJx, KQ10x.   Lead top honour.


Tip of the Week


It is NOT essential that every Hand MUST be opened

Quite often the correct Final contract is Passed Out

Do not feel obliged to Bid 4th in Hand. PASS.

Tip of the Week - October 1



AN HONOUR where you do NOT have the HONOUR immediately

below it.


                   UNSUPPORTED HONOUR  Axxx  Kxxx

Tip of the Week - October 19

If, as Declarer, you HAVE to lose a Trick in a Suit, do so as soon as you can

Example  K73 opposite A6542 in a NT Contract - play 2 and 3 in the First Round.

Need a partner to play ?

Log onto BBO

Select Competition - Broadmeadow Novices -CBAI 125655

Click on Partnership Desk

Insert your BBO Name

Once a partner becomes available they can select you to play

If you are NOT selected to play by a partner - then you have the option to play with the Robot which will be available 2 minutes before the competition starts



Stayman Convention

Stayman is a bidding convention in the card game contract bridge. It is used by a partnership to find a 4-4 or 5-3 trump fit in a major suit after making a one notrump (1NT) opening bid and it has been adapted for use after a 2NT opening, a 1NT overcall, and many other natural notrump bids.

The convention is named for Sam Stayman, who wrote the first published description in 1945, but its inventors were two other players: the British expert Jack Marx in 1939, who published it only in 1946, and Stayman's regular partner George Rapée in 1944.

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#44442 Pairs Broadmeadow Novice Pairs