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Master Points

Master points are awarded on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Monday and Friday evenings 


Recent EBU Masterpoint Promotions -Updated 9th May

The club congratulates the players below on reaching their new status:-

David M Charlton  County Master
Jean Leach  District Master
Kevin Martin  County Master
Christina Pocock  District Master
Keith Wright  Master
Marie Balmforth  Area Master
Anne Trolland  Local Master

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Payments for Sessions
Attendance Recording and Payments System From 26th July

This module will:

  1. Record for each member the table money payable as a result of attending a chargeable bridge session.
  2. Record payments made by each member
  3. Provide a statement for each member of sessions attended, payments made and the net balance due to or by the club.

Recording table money

This will be done automatically for any session, which uses Bridgemates and interfaces with the scoring system. 

Table money payable for sessions, which currently don’t use Bridgemates (e.g. Tuesday evening teams play), will be collected from the manual attendance register and imported into the Bridgewebs system from a file created by the Treasurer.

Recording payments

One of the benefits of using this system will be to obviate the need for collecting, handling and paying-in cash.  This would be more difficult to do now as the club’s bank has closed its branch in Brighouse.  It is suggested that payments in future are made monthly, or less frequently for members who only play one session per week.

The recommended payment method will be by direct bank transfer to the club’s bank account (Brighouse Bridge Club: sort code 20-35-84,  A/c no. 23487113).  For those members who are unable to employ this method of payment, alternative methods could be a cheque payment or a card payment made using the club’s card reader device, which the Treasurer will bring to sessions if required.

At Tuesday evening sessions cash payments will continue to be taken for the time being.  For these sessions the exact cash should be tendered for the table money collected.

Provision of statements

The Bridgewebs system will allow any member to log in to his personal account on the website and, by clicking on the Payments tab, view a statement, which will show each session they have attended, payments made and the net balance due to or from the club. 

Payments may be made in advance or in arrears and it is proposed to set a limit of £30 as the allowed balance owing before either the club repays what is due or the member is chased for payment.

The system will identify the names of members by their EBU number and those members, who currently do not use this number when playing a club session, are asked to check their personal account on Bridgewebs and ensure that their EBU number is correct.

Bank transfers should always include the EBU number as a bank reference and it should be written on the back of any cheque payable to the club.