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Master Points

Master points are awarded on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Monday evenings.


Tournament Directors and Scorers

The club has a need for more tournament directors to reduce the pressure on those currently active or the provision of scorers to work alongside tournament directors if preferred.

Please get in touch with me by email, using the link below, if you are interested in either or both positions. Training for TD's requires attending an external course run by the EBU. Scorer training will be provided in-house.

Not sure how to access the members section of the website or get an application form?

To get a password:

1     Click on the Membership tab on the left side of the Home page.

2.    On the Member Login page type in your own e-mail address and then click on the Forgotten Password button. 

This will send an e-mail addressed to you with a link to enable you to re-set your password with either one of your own choosing or a random one generated by the system.


To get a membership / application form, click on this link: Membership Form

Please contact me via if you have any problems


Club Re-Opening 19th July
Club Re-Opening 19th July - Requirements and Procedures

On Arrival

  • Following recent changes to government guidelines, the wearing of masks will be optional
  • Please sign in, using your own pen, and confirming your vaccination status
  • Sanitise your hands, using the spray provided by the club ( gel products leave a residue on the cards which will damage the shuffling machine)

At the table

  • Please take account of the TD’s instructions as players move on to the next table to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • No refreshments will be provided, but you are welcome to bring a drink with you. Please take bottles /containers with you at the end of the session.


Around the building

  • Please keep movement to a minimum around the building, and ensure social distancing all times. There are now 2 cubicles in the ladies toilets; the outer door to the ladies ’will remain open to ease circulation.
  • At the end of the session, please leave the building promptly. Results will be available on the website as soon as possible.

Thanks to members who have helped to plan for our re-opening. We are confident that everyone will be mindful of the arrangements’ in place to ensure a safe and relaxing experience for us all.