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Master Points

Master points are awarded on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Monday and Friday evenings 


Recent EBU Masterpoint Promotions -Updated 9th May

The club congratulates the players below on reaching their new status:-

David M Charlton  County Master
Jean Leach  District Master
Kevin Martin  County Master
Christina Pocock  District Master
Keith Wright  Master
Marie Balmforth  Area Master
Anne Trolland  Local Master

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Winners Gallery 2023
2023 Trophy Winners

Mavis Bamforth Cup 

Joan Payne and Tony Hirst

Better Bridge in Brighouse

Christine Clark and Paul Bayley

Jean Lawler and Margaret Blackhall

Adams Cup

Sue Betts and Val Newsome

Arak Cup

Les Noble and Harry Swarbrick

Moyle Cup

Val Newsome and Paul Green

Tom Gaskell Random Pairs

Marit Eliot and Molly Garner


Club Champion

 Brian Shea