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Master Points

Master points are awarded on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Monday evenings.


Tournament Directors and Scorers

The club has a need for more tournament directors to reduce the pressure on those currently active or the provision of scorers to work alongside tournament directors if preferred.

Please get in touch with me by email, using the link below, if you are interested in either or both positions. Training for TD's requires attending an external course run by the EBU. Scorer training will be provided in-house.

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To get a membership / application form, click on this link: Membership Form

Please contact me via if you have any problems


YCBA League Information 2021
Important Notice re. Face-to-Face Yorkshire League
The Yorkshire League have announced a return to face-to-face bridge in a new season of the conventional Yorkshire League Teams-of-eight competition this autumn.
This will be played on the following seven Sundays:
31st October 2021
21st November 2021
5th December 2021
9th January 2022
30th January 2022
20th February 2022
6th March 2022
In view of the COVID situation provision has been made for the first time for matches to be played online instead of face-to-face if absolutely necessary. However, the Committee have made it clear that this will only be allowed in extreme circumstances, so hopefully will not be necessary in reality, although extreme weather is also a factor which could necessitate this.
We again, will be hosting visiting teams at Huddersfield Golf Club, Fixby. Players will not be able to consume their own food on the club's premises however a 2 course cooked meal will be available, free of charge, for all participants. 
Brighouse Bridge Club is very supportive of its teams' participation and is again willing to subsidise the cost of hosting home fixtures, meaning that there will be no cost to participate.
For those players unfamiliar with the Teams format, matches are played throughout Yorkshire and consist of 4 x 8-board rounds. Matches usually commence at 2.00pm, although sometimes by agreement start earlier, and usually finish at approx. 6.30-7.00pm (or earlier if started at an earlier time).
For the last season of face-to-face bridge we fielded four teams, but we need to decide by the end of August how many teams we can field this time. It was suggested before the first lockdown that we may be able to add a fifth team next time if there was sufficient interest from up-and-coming players, to be placed in the lowest division, to give players an opportunity to visit other clubs and to try this form of bridge.
This will also depend on the continued availability of established players, so would ALL POTENTIAL NEW AND ESTABLISHED PLAYERS please email by 20th August latest, with the following information:
  1. Do you wish to play in the forthcoming face-to-face season?
  2. Do you have a preferred partner?
  3. For which of the seven dates above are you likely to be available (we appreciate that this may change as time progresses)?
Thanks and regards