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Brierfield Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU - number 205268

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Playing Online
Eye Safety

Whilst our sessions are not governed by the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, their recommendations should be considered. Try to have good ambient light in the room when you are playing, either daylight or artificial light, but avoid strong reflections off your screen. Whenever you can try to take your eyes off the screen and if possible focus on something further away such as out of a window. This could be when you’ve finished your round with a little time still on the clock or whilst you are dummy. Try not to use this time to do other things on your screen such as checking emails. Consider getting a pair of glasses set for computer or screen distance especially if it is different to your normal reading distance. Stand up and move around whenever you can.

Playing bridge online

This is an extract from Tom Townsend’s column in the Daily Telegraph 5/5/20. Thanks to Trevor for spotting this and sharing.

Reproduced by kind permission of Telegraph Newspapers

Many of us are missing our regular game at the club or with friends. The good news is that we can play bridge online. The biggest platform is Bridge Base Online. And there are many other good ones too. Let's consider the pros and cons of online bridge.

The pros:

  • It’s not banned during the lockdown. Meeting to play live bridge most definitely is at the moment, unless you’re lucky enough to have a family of four.
  • You can play anytime you like, for as long as you like.
  • You can log in on your own, or with a partner, and always be sure of finding a game. There are also organised tournaments.
  • You don’t have to travel to play with friends around the world, or spend much money.

The cons:

  • You don’t get to see your friends in person. That’s a big loss. But you can still chat and have your usual banter. Switch on Skype or Zoom for a more personal experience.
  • You don’t have the feel of the cards in your hand, and table presence is not a thing.
  • It’s easy to cheat. Online bridge for this reason should never be a medium for high-level competition. But this isn’t an issue among friends.

The main reason not to play is that it can get addictive.