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Brierfield Bridge Club

2 Clitheroe Rd



Telephone 01282 694175


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webmaster Angela Scott


Brierfield Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU - number 205268

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Fylde League 2019-2020
Team selection for Wainwright Cup 2020

The following members have been selected to play in the Wainwright Cup - dates to be announced:

Please note: only 8 members from each list will actually play in each match.

1st  team:  David Akhurst, David Briggs, Brian Irlam, John Spencer, Pam Cox, Ashley Rosen, Pauline Holden, Alan Purdy, David Bowyer, Richard Bentley, Nigel Hopwood, Brenda Begley

2nd  team: Alan Crabtree, David Spencer, Trevor Mayes, Sue Ozer, Carol Croasdale, John Ashton, Eric Holden, Nick Aves, Sandra Johnson, Barbara Bowyer, Irene Walker, Mildred Newman


If you do not wish to play or are unavailable during the Summer, please let David Akhurst know.


FIXTURES 2019 - 2020

Team A: 

22 November (Friday) vs Blackburn A (away) Lost 7-13

20 December (Friday) vs Poulton A (away)

22 January (Wednesday) vs Bolton A (away)

20 February (Thursday) vs Southport A (away)

27 March (Friday) vs Lancaster A (home)

Team B:

8 November (Friday) vs Gt. Harwood (home)  Won 16-4

12 December (Thursday) vs Lancaster C (away)

16 January (Thursday) vs Poulton C (away)

20 March (Friday) vs Lytham B (home)

Team C:

15 November (Friday) vs Wigan B (away) Won 15-5

5 December (Thursday) vs Poulton D (away) Won 20-0

24 January (Friday) vs Preston E (home)

20 February (Thursday) vs Preston D (home)

20 March (Friday) vs Wigan A (home)

Review 27 January 2020
Review 27 January 2020
Match results 2019-2020

5 September 2019  Brierfield C vs Lancaster D.  Brierfield won 20-0

26 September 2019 Brierfield B vs Clifton B. Brierfield lost 7-13

27 September 2019 Brierfield A vs Preston A. Brierfield lost 4-16

18 October 2019 Brierfield B vs Lancaster B. Brierfield lost 4-16

25 October 2019 Brierfield A vs Lytham A. Brierfield won 17-3

8 November 2019 Brierfield B vs Great Harwood. Brierfield won 17-3

15 November 2019 Brierfield C vs Wigan B. Brierfield won 15-5

22 November 2019 Brierfield A vs Blackburn A. Brierfield lost 7-13

5 December 2019 Brierfield C vs Poulton D. Brierfield won 20-0

12 December 2019 Brierfield B vs Lancaster C. Brierfield won 17-3

20 December 2019 Brierfield A vs Poulton A. Brierfield lost 7-13