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Brierfield Bridge Club
2 Clitheroe Rd
Telephone 01282 694175
webmaster Peter Banks
Brierfield Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU - number 205268
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Fylde League 2019-2020
Messsage from the Chairman of the Fylde League

Friday June 5th June is almost upon us - the date for the Fylde League AGM. Of course it will not happen on that date as most of the Agenda concerns the season’s results and the League structure for the new season.

Fortunately the 2019/2020 season was almost complete, but there are some promotion and relegation issues to be decided, the Division 1 Championship is still open and the Wainwright Cup not played. The Executive have discussed possible solutions but until clubs are able to select teams of 8 players and stage matches we are not able to move forward.

As I write the Lockdown situation is changing very rapidly, but it is uncertain when the League could restart and the number of clubs and teams which will be ready to play.

Many players now play on line but none of the options reflect the strengths of the Fylde League in providing competitive teams bridge for all levels of players. Future plans will be circulated as soon as feasible and clubs will be able to make proposals and vote at an AGM.

Sadly some club members have passed away over the last few months and we will miss these bridge friends when we are able to meet again.

The Executive and myself hope you all will stay safe and well in these difficult times

Best Regards

David Pendlebury

Fylde League Chairman

1st June 2020

Team selection for Wainwright Cup 2020

The following members have been selected to play in the Wainwright Cup - dates to be announced:

Please note: only 8 members from each list will actually play in each match.

1st  team:  David Akhurst, David Briggs, Brian Irlam, John Spencer, Pam Cox, Ashley Rosen, Pauline Holden, Alan Purdy, David Bowyer, Richard Bentley, Nigel Hopwood, Brenda Begley

2nd  team: Alan Crabtree, David Spencer, Trevor Mayes, Sue Ozer, Carol Croasdale, John Ashton, Eric Holden, Nick Aves, Sandra Johnson, Barbara Bowyer, Irene Walker, Mildred Newman


If you do not wish to play or are unavailable during the Summer, please let David Akhurst know.


FIXTURES 2019 - 2020

Team A: 

22 November (Friday) vs Blackburn A (away) Lost 7-13

20 December (Friday) vs Poulton A (away)

22 January (Wednesday) vs Bolton A (away)

20 February (Thursday) vs Southport A (away)

27 March (Friday) vs Lancaster A (home)

Team B:

8 November (Friday) vs Gt. Harwood (home)  Won 16-4

12 December (Thursday) vs Lancaster C (away)

16 January (Thursday) vs Poulton C (away)

20 March (Friday) vs Lytham B (home)

Team C:

15 November (Friday) vs Wigan B (away) Won 15-5

5 December (Thursday) vs Poulton D (away) Won 20-0

24 January (Friday) vs Preston E (home)

20 February (Thursday) vs Preston D (home)

20 March (Friday) vs Wigan A (home)

Review 27 January 2020
Review 27 January 2020
Match results 2019-2020

5 September 2019  Brierfield C vs Lancaster D.  Brierfield won 20-0

26 September 2019 Brierfield B vs Clifton B. Brierfield lost 7-13

27 September 2019 Brierfield A vs Preston A. Brierfield lost 4-16

18 October 2019 Brierfield B vs Lancaster B. Brierfield lost 4-16

25 October 2019 Brierfield A vs Lytham A. Brierfield won 17-3

8 November 2019 Brierfield B vs Great Harwood. Brierfield won 17-3

15 November 2019 Brierfield C vs Wigan B. Brierfield won 15-5

22 November 2019 Brierfield A vs Blackburn A. Brierfield lost 7-13

5 December 2019 Brierfield C vs Poulton D. Brierfield won 20-0

12 December 2019 Brierfield B vs Lancaster C. Brierfield won 17-3

20 December 2019 Brierfield A vs Poulton A. Brierfield lost 7-13