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Brierfield Bridge Club
2 Clitheroe Rd
Telephone 01282 694175
webmaster Linda Banks
For your bridge shopping
For your bridge shopping
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All members are listed on the secure members pages.  Please keep your details up-to-date.





Host 2020



Important reminder

Please don't forget to remind the person due to host on the same day the following week. 

There are copies of the lists on the website under the 'Members Only' section and you'll find the most up-to-date lists are on the notice board at the Club.

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Thursday afternoon bridge

In spite of the interest shown in this new venture, very few people have turned up and only 1 of the 3 sessions has gone ahead.  The directors who volunteered to get this started are reluctant to come if no session can take place so it has been decided to abandon the project.

Those who would like to play on a Thursday would be very welcome in the evening.

Chicken salad, wine and bridge


Pam and Ashley are hosting the next of these popular events on Saturday 25 January.

Meal at 6.30pm followed by friendly bridge with prizes.

The evening is limited to 9 tables and is now fully subscribed.

(You can add your name to the waiting list on the notice board.)

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Cockett Trophy



A Pairs Competition



Monday 27th January

7.00 pm

No need to pre-register, simply turn up and play.

Non-members and those awaiting confirmation of membership by

the Committee are not eligible to win the Trophy.

Seeded Teams


Wednesday 29 January at 7pm

Please sign up in pairs to enter this event.


Pairs will be allocated to one of two pools according to their grading then one pair will be drawn randomly from each pool to make up a team.

(Non-signed up pairs who turn up on the night might not be able to play.)


If you haven’t played as a team before please come along and give it a try.  Find out about the tactics of team play. New players in particular can gain great experience from their other team members.


Last date for entry is 27th January



SIM Pairs


Simultaneous Pairs


in aid of UNICEF


The club will take part in this event on


Monday 27th January

at 1.30pm




Thursday 30th January

at 7.00pm


Entry fee £6.00 per player

(£3.50 of this goes to the charity)

£7.00 for visitors


(Please note: the Thursday event is being combined with Friday events taking place at other clubs so the announcing of the results will be delayed.)



The AGM will be held Tuesday 4 February 2020, starting at 6.30pm.

Any resolutions must be sent to Stephanie Sutcliffe, in writing and signed by 2 members, by Tuesday 21 January.

The proposer must attend the AGM.

There'll be a free session of bridge after the meeting.


Host Rotas for 2020
Host Rotas for 2020

The host lists for 2020 are now available. You'll find copies on the notice board at the Club and on the website under the members section.

Please make a note of when you are due to host.


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Need a partner?

Need a partner?

Regular or one-off

You can use the website: go to the members' only page and sign in (instructions available on the notice board in small room) and check the first column the day you want to play.


Use the host: available on Monday and Friday afternoons and Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Best used for one-off occasions

If you need a regular partner you can contact Linda Banks who will collect names and try to match people up.

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All events marked with an ✳️ on the calendar will require pre-entry or ticket and/or will have conditions applied.  These conditions will be announced well in advance.

Sat 25th Jan 2020
*Chicken salad, wine and bridge 6.30pm
Mon 27th Jan 2020
UNICEF Sim Pairs 1.30pm
Mon 27th Jan 2020
Cockett Trophy 7pm
Wed 29th Jan 2020
*Seeded Teams 7pm
Thu 30th Jan 2020
UNICEF Sim Pairs 7pm
Tue 4th Feb 2020
AGM 6.30pm
Wed 26th Feb 2020
*Seeded Teams 7pm