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Brierfield Bridge Club
2 Clitheroe Rd
Telephone 01282 694175
webmaster Linda Banks
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Welcome to Brierfield Bridge Club
Joan Wheatcroft

We are very sad to learn of the death, on 4 March, of Joan Wheatcroft, following a stroke.

Joan was a popular member of the Club for many years and will be missed by all who knew her.

Please let us all take time to remember her.

Our deepest sympathies go to her family.

Evening Sessions - New Start Time

As from Monday 1 March our evening sessions will start at 7.15pm.

Please be registered and ready to play at the latest by 7.05pm.

We have had the start of some sessions delayed by some players not observing this simple courtesy. If this happens in future you may not be allowed to participate in the session.



Thursday Improvers

We are continuing to run a short refresher lesson before some of our improver sessions, using Zoom.  We hold our normal duplicate session afterwards. We are running these lessons every two weeks with the next one being 4 March 2021, when we'll look at 'Play in Defence'.

You can join in the lesson without any obligation to play in the improver session, or you can play in the improver session without attending the lesson - it is completely flexible, to suit whatever you prefer. If you do intend joining the lesson, please let us know beforehand, which helps with numbers etc, and please join the meeting a couple of minutes before 9.45. Please don't come along late, as new people joining once we've started can be quite disruptive for everyone else, and you may not be admitted.

If you wish to join us, contact Jim Steele who will send you a Zoom link to the room.

You can use Zoom either direct from your browser, or by installing the Zoom app on your device.  If you have never used Zoom before, there is plenty of help online to get you started -just Google "Zoom" on your browser. It is completely free to use - no subscription necessary. If you need help with Zoom, feel free to contact David Tilley or Jim Steele and they will help you.


Online Breaks

Following feedback received, we have decided not to continue having a short break halfway through our online bridge sessions. Whilst our sessions are not governed by the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, their recommendations should be considered. Try to have good ambient light in the room when you are playing, either daylight or artificial light, but avoid strong reflections off your screen. Whenever you can try to take your eyes off the screen and if possible focus on something further away such as out of a window. This could be when you’ve finished your round with a little time still on the clock or whilst you are dummy. Try not to use this time to do other things on your screen such as checking emails. Consider getting a pair of glasses set for computer or screen distance especially if it is different to your normal reading distance. Stand up and move around whenever you can.

2021 Subscriptions

The Committee has suspended collection of this year's subscriptions until after the AGM.

RealBridge is the nearest thing to face-to-face bridge you can get, without actually being in the same room as the other players round your table. It incorporates video and voice, so the 4 players can see and talk to each other. We're now offering 3 sessions per week on RealBridge (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday evening).

If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to use RealBridge on your device, click HERE.

We've produced a Guide to Best Practice which you'll find useful.

The RealBridge website offers excellent guidance, a blow by blow description of the features of RealBridge and how to use them. It is well worth your time to go and have a look. Go to the RealBridge website, and click on Players, Player Guide. It is all beautifully and clearly presented, with screenshot illustrations. are also on RealBridge.

To play in a RealBridge session, click the link in the top right column of this page. 

The link is not active until 2 hours before the start of the session.



Pendleside Hospice Fundraiser
Pendleside Hospice Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce that we raised a magnificent £450 through our BWS charity event in aid of Pendleside Hospice on 26 September.

Whilst this is not as much as we normally raise, it is a wonderful amount in the circumstances and we know that it will be greatly appreciated by Pendleside as, like all charities, their takings have taken a big hit with Covid-19 restrictions.

With many thanks to all who, either by playing or making a donation, contributed to making it such a success.

Norman Cope was able to make a presentation to Pendleside Hospice as, fortuitously, his wife Christina is the Corporate Fundraising Manager at Pendleside. 





Message from the Committee

All of us on the committee are working hard to keep both the fabric of the building and the spirit of the Club going as best we can during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, or any suggestions for how we can improve things please email the Club at Or keep in touch via our Facebook page.

Now it is clear that we are going to be more and more dependent on playing onine for our bridge for a while to come,  it is perhaps a good time for a refresher on the etiquette. Click here to see a few pointers.

John Stell Tutorials

John Stell has some excellent Tutorials, aimed at beginners/improvers (as John says, aren't we all improvers?).

In particular, on Tuesday evenings he focusses on doing a commentary on live games which many of our members have found entertaining.

Thanks to Alan Purdy for sharing this. 

Playing Bridge Online

The Club wants to encourage you to play bridge online - both to maintain your interest and also to keep you in touch with each other. 

If you have a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet, and an internet connection, then you have all you need to play bridge online.

But if you don’t understand what to do, or you have questions, or are encountering difficulties, we have a team of buddies who would love to help. Please get in touch with any of the following: Trevor Mayes, Janet Marshall, David de Andrade, Peter Banks, Norman Cope, Sue Ozer, Anne Spencer, David Spencer, Angela Scott, Nigel Hopwood.

As well as the help from our buddies, there’s some useful information at 'Playing on BBO'  in the menu to the left (with many thanks to Cheltenham Bridge Club for putting this together and sharing it). You’ll also see a list of YouTube videos on various BBO-related topics that you can link to. 

Huge thanks to David Tilley for organising and setting up our virtual Club (BWS), joint with Warrington and Stretford. BWS are currently playing 5 sessions a week - Monday afternoon, Monday evening, Wednesday afternoon, Friday evening and Sunday morning. These are charged at £2 per session. See the calendar for the session times.

If you’ve never played in a BWS session you’ll need to email David with your name and BBO user name, no later than the day before the first event you want to play in.

You may prefer to play casually online (which is free on BBO) in which case the Club has two further options.

1.  Register your interest as an individual or as a pair with Anne Spencer by email and she will try to put you in contact with other members. You can then set up your own private tables for four on BBO and play whenever you wish. (See the video guides mentioned above)

2. Nigel Hopwood is coordinating the setting up of groups of four to play on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. To take part please email Nigel with your names (individual or a pair) and BBO user names no later than 10pm on the preceding Monday. Please indicate if you are experienced in setting up an online table. Nigel allocates the tables of four and the players themselves decide how many boards to play. 

Enjoy your bridge!

EBU Top Clubs 2019 - 2020

The EBU has announced that Brierfield Bridge Club is now the 12th best attended in the country. Up 2 places from last year and, for the first time, the best attended club in Lancashire

With thanks to all our players for your continuing support.

Bernard Magee Live Broadcasts

Many members will have heard of Bernard Magee, especially if you’re on the Mr Bridge mailing list.

Bernard does live broadcasts via YouTube every Monday Wednesday and Friday starting at 11am. They're free, each lasts about 40 minutes and they’re good for beginners and intermediates.

Thanks Trevor for sharing this.

Bernard Magee Bridge

SEE LINK BELOW FOR NEXT REALBRIDGE SESSION (not live until 2 hours before start of session)

Wednesday afternoon

Thursday morning

Friday evening




Mon 8th Mar 2021
Afternoon BWS Ten-High - BBO
Mon 8th Mar 2021
Evening BWS Virtual Pairs - BBO
Wed 10th Mar 2021
Afternoon BWS Virtual Pairs - RealBridge
Thu 11th Mar 2021
Morning BWS Improvers - RealBridge
Fri 12th Mar 2021
Evening BWS Virtual Pairs - RealBridge
Sun 14th Mar 2021
Morning BWS Virtual Pairs - BBO
Mon 15th Mar 2021
Afternoon BWS Ten-High - BBO