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Help and Tips for happy bridge play

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Find a Partner


The web site has now been set up to assist you to find a partner on selected dates.

On the Home page there is a 'Find a Partner' tile (4th down) on the left hand side.

If there are no entries you may wish to put your own request into this facility as follows:

Log in, by clicking on the 'Membership' tile (10th down) on the left hand side of the Home Page.

You will be asked for your email address and password to access the Members Only section.

The first time, you will need to enter your email address and then 'click' on 'forgotten password'. The system will then send a link to your email address, giving you the opportunity to choose your own password.

Click on 'New Message' and then either choose the third option, showing dates for the following two weeks for a prepared message, or enter your own message in the section further down.

'Save' your entry and then log off.

If you look in 'Find a Partner' (4th tile) on the Home page, you will now see your entry and any others looking for partners.

If you want your request sent to all members by email, either contact Daphne on 01278 555897 or email at

Helpful hints (tips) for club players

Scoring Travellers

In order to speed up the game, players are asked to score the traveller as soon as the hand is played and then go on to the next hand without too much discussion or analysis. If all boards in the round are completed ahead of other players, they can be reviewed afterwards, or even at the end of the evening/afternoon session.

North should always complete the traveller first, and pass it to East to check, before filling in their own score card. EAST must check not only that the score entered is correct but also that the score is entered in the correct column, and that the pair numbers are correct. The Director may penalise pairs where this information is entered incorrectly.

Rule Infringements

As a general rule the Director must be called if infringements occur.

Typically these infringements are:

  • Lead out of turn

  • Bid out of turn

  • Revoke

  • Insufficient bid

It is important to let the Director advise rather than other players at the table, as this may give an unfair advantage to the non-offending side.

Director Removed Boards

It is sometimes necessary for the Director to ask players to forfeit the playing of a board, normally because of ‘slow play’ at that, or another/ previous table.

Directors will always try to avoid this, especially as some players may still be learning, and some boards need extra thought in order for the contract to be made. 

However the needs of the majority must be considered, and if a table is still bidding their last hand, it is not fair for the rest of the players (often 20+ others)) to be kept waiting for another 5-10 mins.

Players will not necessarily be disadvantaged if the board is not played, as it will be removed from the scoring, rather than averaged.

The Directors are there to help and not penalise, so please use them and accept their decision with good grace

Keep the play friendly!!



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