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Monthly Competition - September Most Slams

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The Club Manager does these for fun, since they are available.

September's contest was for total number of slams, grand or small. Our winning pair was Sherry and Woody McHarg with a total of 6 slams. Tied for second with 2 slams each were Tom and Lynn Chambers, and Mary Seggerman and Tom Smith. Congratulations all!


Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende

Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We are an official ACBL duplicate bridge club, offering games four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Games start promptly at 1:30pm, so please arrive by 1:15. We welcome visitors, please stop by and see our club. See our information page for more details. Any questions, contact our board at  

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Our Club
Our Club
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New Location News

Find/Offer a Ride feature now on this web site

If you are looking for a rideshare to our game at the Ventanas Country Club, Add you name and interest to the form under the Menu item "Find a Ride to/from Ventanas".You can put in the week you are interested,which days, and contact information.There is a text box where you can elaborate: Number of seats, which part of town, whether you are offering or wanting a lift.

If you are Driving or Walking into Las Ventanas, You MUST have a Photo ID! This is for our and everyone's security.

Passengers do not need a Photo ID.

Dear fellow bridge players,

You may have heard that the owner of Mon Bistro reneged on our agreement to provide space in his restaurant for the privilege of providing lunch for our players. He told us this less than 48 hours before the first game. Of course we had already communicate the arrangement to you.

Bummer, bummer!

So we scrambled to make the back section of our usual playing area hospitable. The rubble is gone, the windows are washed the area has been swept and wet-mopped. And would you believe it - it looks just fine.

We finished Friday's game a little while ago and found it very pleasant. We would have liked a larger turn-out, but . . . . . . .

Anyway, the games on Saturday, Oct. 12th, Monday, October 14 and Wednesday October 16 will be held at Ventanas in the back area. No lunch, no increased fee, play will start at our usual time of 1:30 on all days, including Monday. And Sherry will serve her usual lovely snack tray so that our energy levels won't flag during the afternoon.

Do come and play, all more than welcome. If you need a partner contact Mary Katherine at

Hasta pronto,



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NEW! Partnerships

We have a new form on this web site for finding partnerships. In the menu on the left of the home page their is a button "Find a Partner". On that page is a form you can fill out and it will be mailed to our Partnership Chair, MaryKatherine Wainwright. Below the form this is a list of people who have made requests, who you can contact by the information they left. You don't have to use this form, it's just for convience. You still can directly email MaryKatherine at Whichever way you choose, PLEASE, if you find a partner on your own, contact MaryKatherine to let her know, so she can stop looking for you. We don't want any double-booking. Thanks to Don Freeland for helping with the form.


No Fragrances Please!

Please keep in mind that some of our players have allergies to perfumes and other frangrances so lets not wear any to our games. In our small confines, there's no where to go! 


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