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Welcome to Bridge+More
Test Site

This site is a test site for testing Bridge+More results files.

The  Bridge+More software is being updated to provide an export file suitable for import into Bridgewebs.

Bridge Technology

Bridge+More is a complete bridge solution - all your bridge requirements – clubs, social or teaching - are fully integrated in the same web based software solution - you setup a tournament on the Bridge+More server from any browser – easy and simple – and from the same browser handle and manage all details of the game. The board by board details (barometer) are registered easily in our tablet app at each table. Detailed results are automatically presented during the game in real time also in a browser. From a browser you can also send the results to the federation and/or Bridgewebs.

Friday Evening 26 April
Scorer: Marietta Andree
Test Richmond
Scorer: John Norris
Friday Evening 26 April
Scorer: Marietta Andree