BridgePal Wireless Scoring
Release 2.19o
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  English Bridge Union - national bridge news, competitions, EBU and British simultaneous pairs results and much more. Scorers upload pay-to-play results here and you can log into your EBU account to see what is there.  
  Kent Contract Bridge Association - county news, competitions
  Bridge Base Online - Live broadcasts of major competitions.
  Ecats Bridge - For simultaneous pairs results - World Sims, Children in Need Sims
  BridgePal - BridgePal is a freeware wireless scoring system for bridge sessions based on the use of smartphones or tablets, rather than dedicated scoring units.
  Bridge Solver - Bridge Solver is a free interactive bridge hand analyser utilising Bo Haglund's well known double dummy solver module
  BridgeScore - our scoring program.
  Bridge for Partially Sighted 

The bridge club for the partially sighted meets every Thursday between 1430h and 1630h. Membership is free, and sighted partners are welcome. The club is run on behalf of the Kent Association for the Blind (KAB), and we use it’s office at 18 Blyth Road in Bromley. Because of members’ sight restrictions, we use playing cards that are just over twice the size as normal cards, and play slowly. The atmosphere is very social.
Contact Matthew Beddow for more details on Tel no. 01689 813182 or via email at mbeddow at

  Vu-Bridge Bid, play and practise interesting hands
  Andrew Robson: