BridgePal Wireless Scoring
Release 2.19o
Welcome to BridgePal Wireless Scoring

This web site demonstrates the features of BridgePal wireless scoring system.

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  • Accept screen
  • Check player id
  • Dir menu a
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  • Contract entry
  • Enter contract suit
  • Enter declarer
  • Enter player id
  • Enter lead
  • Enter lead suit
  • Enter table
  • Enter tricks
  • contract ok
  • Ranking east/west
  • Ranking north/south
  • Round screen
  • Scorecard a
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  • Traveller from scorecard
  • Ttraveller
  • Menu traveller / launcher
  • Traveller with ranking
  • View hand
  • Welcome
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Summary of Features
  • Originally it was developed to work with BridgeScore scoring program, but it can now be used with other scoring programs as well.

  • In contrast to other smartphone or tablet based solutions, there are no software purchasing, licensing, or usage charges of any kind.

  • Scoring units are automatically configured with the network address of the scoring PC

  • At the start of the session, the table number and NBO numbers or club-assigned player numbers are input into the scoring unit

  • Validation checks can be applied to contract entry on the scoring unit if hand records are available for the session

  • After each board has been played the scoring unit displays a traveller showing the results so far for this board

  • At the end of the round the scoring unit directs NS and EW pairs to the appropriate table, and shows the board numbers to be played at the current table

  • Hand entry on the scoring unit is supported if boards are shuffled at the table rather than predealt, with automatic calculation of makeable contracts on the scoring unit. The consolidated set of hands from all scoring units is saved in a PBN file which is updated as each hand is recorded and is therefore available to support all the hand record related features when the boards are played at other tables.

  • Hands and makeable contracts can be viewed on the scoring unit after the boards have been played at the table

  • Optimum score and contracts can be calculated on units if Bridge Solver app us installed on the scoring unit

  • After a board is played at the table it may be played again in double dummy mode, with card by card guidance, on the scoring unit. Again, this needs Bridge Solver app installed on the scoring unit

  • BridgePal has excellent recovery facilities. If a scoring unit battery runs down during a session it is straightforward to replace it with another unit. The session continues from the point at which the original scoring unit failed. Similarly, if the scoring PC or wireless router is rebooted the BridgePal app on each scoring unit will continue from the correct point in the session when the network connection to the PC is restored.

  • At the end of the session, a ranking table is displayed on the scoring unit and scorecards can be shown. If some tables are still playing a Refresh button allows the ranking table to be updated on the scoring unit to reflect new scores
BridgePal/BridgeScore Section 1
BridgePal/BridgeScore Section 2
#168 Teams Cumb V West Rothwell V Wilmott Round 1 (merged)
Scorer: John/Mirna