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Bridgemate app
The Bridgemate app
The Bridgemate app

For those clubs registered to use the Bridgemate app, full information about a bridge event is constantly uploaded by BCS to the Bridgemate app-server as it proceeds. The information uploaded may include hand records if desired.

Players who have downloaded the app onto their mobile 'phones and have registered with the particular club or organisation can then retrieve this information either during or at any time after an event. During the event itself, players must be aware that the use of mobile 'phones and tablets in the playing area may be prohibited by the event organiser: even where this is not the case, care must be taken not to irritate other players.

Bridgemates have added to players' enjoyment of the game in many ways, and the Bridgemate app has taken this a stage further.

As from v2.0.2, the app provides additional information for those club members registered as tournament directors. The information provided varies according to whether the member is playing or non-playing in a particular event. The TD can monitor the number of boards already played at each table, any TD calls originated via Bridgemates, results on boards [only those already played by the TD if a playing director], and players' starting positions including names and numbers.

Additional facilties for players include cross-imped results where appropriate, and the ability to obtain a breakdown of results by frequency showing the players involved on each result.