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Running a Session
Running a Session

Your bridge session is primarily driven by your scoring program.

At the outset, you specify the number of tables you have, and the movement to be used. The scoring program creates a bws file for the event which includes this information, along with a table of members' numbers and names. Then the scoring program launches the Bridgemate Control Software [BCS], whose first job is to initialise the Bridgemate server. At that stage, the Bridgemate handsets on the tables are ready to be used.

From hereon in, BCS adds information on players and hand results to the bws file, from where it's constantly being picked up by the scoring program. Once the final result's been added to the bws file, BCS has finished its job, and the scoring program is back in charge.

For this reason, the most relevant source of information as to how to run a session for any one club is the documentation covering that club's scoring program. This will include specific detail on how that particular program interacts with the Bridgemate system.