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Welcome to The Saturday Game
The Saturday Game

The Saturday Game - Every Saturday at 1:30 PM EST
90 Minutes of Bridge (12 hands)




Looking for a Partner?  Come Early (Club opens at 12:45 EST) and visit table 1.  The director will help you find a partner.

Already have a partner? Please sit at table 11 or higher and tell your partner where to go.

First time using Real Bridge?  Click here to test your web camera and browser permissions


Saturday Warm Up  12PM-12:45PM (for first time players to test the software)

Anyone who wants to jump in there and test their software by playing a hand or two is welcome.

Here is the link to join the warmup session



Game Day Links to Join the Saturday Game

The Saturday Game starts at 1:30PM with the doors opening at 12:45PM

Note: Do not click these links until Saturday at noon.

The Open Game

The open game is like the open game at the bridge club.  You do not need to be an expert to play in this game. This is where most people should be playing. This will operate like a regular duplicate game.  The only reason you should call the director is if there has been an infraction or if you need technical support.

The Limited Game

The limited game is for beginner/intermediates who would feel more comfortable playing against players at their own level in a less competitive environment. We will have more staff available per table to help you.

Just want to sit and play our hands with your friends? This game is for you.  This section is reserved for people who have arranged their own group of 4 people.  If you have 4 people that just want to play the Saturday Game hands together, join this game, take a table and let your friends know which table you have chosen.  We will deal the cards starting at 1:30PM.  You will not move to new tables.