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Bridge Gem is a fully featured Duplicate Bridge Scoring program, compatible with Bridgemate and similar results reporting programs.


Bridge Gem is aimed at local Bridge Clubs, and has been specifically designed to make the scoring of Duplicate Bridge Event easy and intuitive.


Bridge Gem is fully described in , and the Bridge Gem app and its User Guides can also be download free of charge from the same website:


The Results on this website are those that have been used to test Bridge Gem. Many are the results of real events held by various Bridge Clubs. Most of the Results date back to 2021, 2020 and 2019, so if you wish to see them, please scroll the Results pages back to those years.


The results of these real events were obtained by a technique called webscraping. Anything, literally anything, published on the internet can be scraped by appropriate software. In this case, events published on Bridgewebs were scraped to obtain the Results of the Event, ie Players' Names and Positions, and the Contracts and  Results of the Boards they played. These were analysed and the Event was re-constructed, and run through Bridge Gem. The Result that Bridge Gem produced was compared to the original result published on Bridgewebs.

Director: Dilys Warner
Scorer: David Lewis
2nd Wed Duplicate (Formby)
Director: Mike Scott
Diamond Jubilee Competion 5th Round (Formby)
Director: Mike Scott