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Wednesday 22nd May BirnamArts BridgeDay 

Saturday  31st August Perth CaféBridge Day

Tuesday 22nd October Dunkeld CaféBridge Day


Thursday 24th October Plockton CaféBridge Day

Bridge Banter
Possible grand slam on Board 4 at the BirnamArts BridgeDay

Another good day's play at the BirnamArts.  A full house at 15 tables, and fourteen 2-board rounds played.

One hand springs to mind.  On board 4 playing against Derek & Priscilla from Perth, as dealer, sitting West,  I picked up

♠ A Q 9 8 7 5



♣ A J 5 4 3​

15 points all working together well, and 6-5 in the black suits - what a cracker!

My partner Hazel held

♠  -  

  J 9 6 5 2

 A J 7 2

♣ K Q 9 7

As best as I can remember, we bid spades - hearts - clubs and Hazel supported clubs.  We finished in 5♣ 

I always agonise between drawing trumps and cross-ruffing - often unwisely trying a bit of both, and rarely with great success.

The computer says all 13 tricks are on in clubs, but I was pleased this time to get away with 12 (for a second top).  Top marks go to Deannie & Angus  McMaster from Inverness  who not only made 12 tricks, but bid it too.  Well done them - and they finished the day on the podium with the silver. 
3NT makes 9 tricks and 4♠  also makes. Both these contracts were bid more than once. Hands like this aren’t the easiest to bid and it’s hardly surprising that 4 pairs didn’t reach game and only one pair did the slam. “

Derek French

Spoons 2024 charity

Any profit from any Spoons bridge events goes to charity. 
In 2022 the charity was McMillan Cancer Support. In 2023, Alzheimer Scotland. 
A few extra fundraising ‘add ons’ and the big CaféBridge Dunkeld day in October enabled over £2000 each year to be handed over. 
Emptying the Spoons account at the end of the year! 
This year, 2024, the regular Monday morning players at Wetherspoons have voted and the majority vote was for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, based in Scone.
Here’s a bit from their website….

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) saves and improves lives across Scotland every day. 

SCAA currently operates two helicopters, both EC135-T2is, and two rapid response vehicles - taking life-saving pre-hospital care to the scene of time-critical emergencies.  SCAA then transports patients to hospitals all over Scotland to receive the most appropriate medical care.

SCAA makes a difference - a patient’s chance of survival and full recovery are greatly increased if they receive the right medical care within the first hour of injury or illness.  The fast response of SCAA and its ability to reach Scotland’s most remote and rural areas saves vital minutes when every second really does count.

SCAA can be airborne within five minutes of receiving an emergency call and can reach 90% of Scotland’s population within 25 minutes.

As Scotland’s only charity air ambulance, SCAA is funded by the people of Scotland, primarily through donations, fundraising, events and our life-saving lottery.

“Behave to your partner and opponents as though you are hosting a tea party then Duplicate Bridge will start to thrive again. It’s such a fabulous game.”

Three spot on Times articles from Andrew Robson. 

Quote from Melanie Reid


”Bridge is like cerebral cage fighting, a peculiar mixture of risk analysis, memory, maths and terrifically low cunning. ” Melanie Reid

Serious business at BridgeDays3 with Fizz, Medals and Carrots to win….

A Thank you ‘certificate’ from Alzheimer Scotland for our 2023 fundraising

Spoons Individual Competition 2023

The 2023 individual competition is now over…..

20 events throughout 2023 were scored using Brianbridge. 

Very close. 12 players scored over 50%.  Miriam Drysdale just squeezed into top place, just above joint runners up, Bob Ross and Jean Pitchforth. 


2023 Dunkeld CaféBridge
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Bridge Banter




Our festive day of bridge at The Fair o Blair, Blairgowrie WETHERSPOONS. 29 players! Great lunch, crackers and all! Results now up! 
Well done everyone. 


“Ups and Downs at BirnamArts”

The BirnamArts Bridge Day is becoming a regular event and everyone should have a go at it.  I played with Hazel Grant last Monday and we thoroughly  enjoyed the day.  

We duly arrived at Graham Bullock's table, who for the second time was TD.  He is a long term partner of mine so of course I was anxious to give him a proper drubbing.  Success on the first hand, board 4.  They got themselves into an impossible 4S going 3 off.  +300 for us was a joint top - great stuff!  

Then came board 5.  Graham competed to 3D and we let him play in it.  3S by us was on but we didn't bid it.  3D should go down, but of course he made it - a complete top for them.

So there you go - you win some and you lose some.

Derek French

Hazel Grant and Derek French, the winners EW. 

Nice quote

“Computers may be able to play good chess – a distinctly inferior game – but when there will be a computer able to compose a 5th Symphony or paint a Mona Liza, then ‐ and only then ‐ shall I accept that computers can play good bridge.”
Victor Mollo

Hot Chocolate and Cheeses on the Dunkeld CaféBridge route

Winners at BridgeDays3 on 26th September

Frances Morgan, Bob Ross and Fiona Harris. Liz Duguid, partner to Frances, had to rush away before the prizegiving. But she did get her fizz and her medal. 

Congresses are good fun and good value!

The smallish Scottish weekend congresses are always good fun. Usually in a 3 star hotel, all in rates, with lots of competitive bridge and a nice town to explore. 



Newtonmore, run by the Ness Club Inverness. 


Oban, run by Oban Bridge Club

Strathpeffer, run by Dingwall Bridge Club


Montrose, run by Central District


another in Newtonmore, run by the Ness Club


Arran, run by Paisley Bridge Club



Karen’s suited bunting

BirnamArts BridgeDay for Alzheimer Scotland winners

The winners EW were David Deards and Paula Fuge. Winners NS were our TD, Graham Bullock and Ron Barker. All went smoothly and the TD commented it’s the first tournament he has ever directed where there wasn’t a single call for him! We are a friendly well behaved gang of bridge players!
The results are up…in results. 
The Raffle organised by Mary Little made £125 and the day was in profit too. The start of money being raised for our chosen 2023 charity Alzheimer Scotland 

The next BridgeDay at BirnamArts 22nd May

Over the last three years, our group of bridge players known as Spoons have organised  popular  days of bridge playing at BirnamArts. The profit has always gone to charity. Last year £2,100 went to Alzheimer Scotland.  Thanks to everyone who helped. 

In 2024, the chosen Spoons charity is Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) saves and improves lives across Scotland every day. 

SCAA currently operates two helicopters, both EC135-T2is, and two rapid response vehicles.

SCAA makes a difference - a patient’s chance of survival and full recovery are greatly increased if they receive the right medical care within the first hour of injury or illness.  The fast response of SCAA and its ability to reach Scotland’s most remote and rural areas saves vital minutes when every second really does count. 

It’s a good cause to enjoy the wonderful sport of bridge for, in a lovely spacious venue.

The first 2024 BridgeDay  at BirnamArts was early March successfully run with 60 players. The top pair NS were Paula Fuge and David Deards from Perth.

With Sheena Dunn and Margaret Telford from Inverness tops EW. 

Booking is now open for the next tournament  on Wednesday 22nd May . 

The established format is a friendly but competitive pairs, open to all, with a tournament director, starting at 10.30 with coffee and cream scones. Play starts at 11am. 28 hands of bridge with a lunch break. Soup and sandwiches. Teas and coffees available all day.

Finishing with prizes by 4pm.£20 per player is an excellent  deal!

There will  be a raffle for SCAA. Please donate any suitable prizes to Elinor before the day. 

The boards are predealt and all results and hands, analysis etc available immediately online. Spoons players use BriAnbridge smart phone scoring. 

All welcome! Please go to Book Events in the menu on the left to book your place. 

Paula Fuge and David Deards, winners in March

Dunkeld CaféBridge 2022 winners

Sheila and Ross Herd from Dundee won the Dunkeld CaféBridge Day with 64.08%



BridgeDays duplicates are scored using the BriAn electronic scoring system.  The BriAn system (= "Bridge on iPhone and Android") uses mobile phone technology to replace traditional tabletop scorers.  Players can use their own smart phones or other devices, such as iPads, or use android scoring tablets supplied by the club.

We believe BriAn is a very player-friendly system that has advantages over other systems.  When results are entered for each deal, the next screen shows the full lay-out of the deal, the available tricks in each suit and a full travelling score slip in a single screen. Results of previous boards and a full table of current rankings can be accessed from any device via a menu. The bridge director can create and modify games, adjust scores if necessary and create final files suitable for posting to the web.

If you have a suitable android or iPhone you can become a scorer simply by downloading the free BriAn Bridge app.  Go to the app shop in the normal way and search for "Brian Bridge". It's free to install and easy to use,  You can read more about BriAn Bridge on the website   Using your own phone, iPad or tablet is fun but entirely optional - extra scoring tablets are always available.


Phone scoring - a few pointers

Make sure you check the board number shown as well as the contract, in case the boards have been played in the wrong order. 
Names are given at the beginning of the round, so you can check that you are playing the right people. 
All scores must be written on paper travellers, even if entered on your phone. 


Common problems 

App crashes: restart app and tap screen when prompted to restore

Wrong board number: tap one of the black levers on either side of the board number to correct

No connect: first try turning WiFi off. If that doesn't work, try connecting to the venue's WiFi, or suspend phone scoring and catch up later. 

Entered the wrong score: tap the black < beside the board number to go back, then tap 'cancel score', confirm and enter the correct score. 

We have SPOONS as table numbers!

Raffle ladies and some winners

Murder by Natural Causes

Watch out for Helen Erichsen's first novel.

The novel follows Cilla, 22, a bridge-playing contract killer who specialises in murder that look like death by natural causes.

Feedback from BridgeDays 1 and 2

What's not to like about a grand sunny summer day out, full of mental sport and nice food , meeting old friends and making new ones, in a lovely Arts Venue by the Tay? Some comments from participants.

"We had a wonderful day and met a wonderful group of people." Sean from Elgin

"such a lovely day. Well organised well done" Jenny from Aberlour

" so enjoyable . The organisation ran so smoothly,it was nice to meet many people from different places .

"The venue was very suitable the food and staff excellent." Pam from Kirriemuir

"a great day....brought joy to so many" Mary from Dundee

"thank you for the great day...It was fun..... the staff and everything, especially using the larger space downstairs, were excellent. I even began to enjoy doing the scoring on my phone - will not be anxious about it next time!!" Vivien from Dunkeld 

"Very many thanks for organising a great day at Birnam again. Really enjoyed it and the food was also served up very well and much enjoyed " Carol from Blairgowrie 

"congratulation on another very successful day of bridge. I heard nothing but praise for the day and the organizing of it all. Again lovely lunch and not forgetting the morning scone and a well needed cup of tea to round the event off,  excellent…😁😁" from Fiona from Blairgowrie 

Thank you, everyone, for coming, from Achnacloich to Aberlour, from Prestwick to Glamis. Having fun. Plus raising some funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. Hope to see you on Monday 19th September.


Looking for Suitable Prizes for BridgeDays…..