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Wednesday 22nd May BirnamArts BridgeDay 

Saturday  31st August Perth CaféBridge Day

Tuesday 22nd October Dunkeld CaféBridge Day


Thursday 24th October Plockton CaféBridge Day

Show Your Hand
Show Your Hand no.1
Show Your Hand no.1

Bob Ross. You are a very experienced player and a pleasure to play with! 
Tell us a bit about yourself, please! 

I’m 84 years old and I was in the RAF for 22 years

What made you take up bridge and why?

I played whist with my parents and sisters from about 12 years old. Bridge was a natural progression in my 30’s. I played a lot with colleagues in the RAF.

How often do you play?

Before lockdowns, I used to go out at least 3 times a week to play. Mainly to Dundee Bridge Club. 
But in recent years I’ve been playing a lot more on BBO. 
I really enjoy the Monday mornings at Wetherspoons in Blairgowrie and the full days of bridge at BirnamArts. I play in some Scottish congresses and go to the CaféBridge days.

What’s your proudest bridge achievement?

Making new friends

What’s your favourite convention?

CRO Ghestem

(Ghestem is a conventional overcall structure, using 2NT, 3♣, and the (non-jump) cuebid over an opposing opening at the one level to denote two-suited hands in two of the remaining three suits.

This convention was devised by the French bridge and checkers player Pierre Ghestem.

When playing Ghestem, after an opposing one-level opening, the three overcalls mentioned denote the three possible two-suited hands in the suits excluding the opened suit:

2NT : shows the two lowest-ranking unbid suits
3♣ : shows the two highest-ranking unbid suits
Cuebid : shows the top- and bottom-ranking unbid suits)

What advice would you give to a person just starting to play bridge? Or to a player trying to improve?

Stick at it , it’s the Queen of all card games

What are your personal goals? Do any of them involve bridge?

No goals , happy where I am, enjoying myself. 

Shuna Colville and Bob won the Plockton CaféBridge 2024. Seen here with the Martin Cup.