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Improvers hands

Room E (for Education)

The following hands have been loaded into Room E of the Teaching Area of Bridge Club Live at three different 'Time Slots'.

You can either use this as a 'stand-alone' teaching aid by 'bidding the hand' then revealing how the experts would have bid it or get together with three other friends and bid & play the hands. For the latter you will need to speak to your BCL Bridge Teacher for the PIN to enter the Teaching Area or email us at

Some students who regularly play Social Bridge are using these hands to "warm up" by playing a couple of hands and then discussing them (using the new Audio Video System) before playing in the Social Bridge room.

There are multiple hands per 'Slot' for every weekday, giving Students the opportunity of playing more than 200 boards with comprehensive analysis of the Bidding & the Play.


Teaching Slots








Suit contracts and Overcalls

Doubling and Take-out Doubles

Weak and Strong Unbalanced Hands

Playing in NT and Stayman

Competing with NT opener and Defence





Ecats July 2021

Ecats July 2021

Ecats July 2021

Ecats July 2021

Ecats July 2021


We are grateful to ECatsBridge, the EBU & Nicky Bainbridge at Bridge for Pleasure for providing the above hands and all the Bridge Teachers who have given their time freely and written the commentaries such that all of us can enjoy and improve our Bridge. 

ECatsBridge run regular charity Simpairs event, the last one that was hosted by BridgeClubLive in aid of Children in Need helped ECatsBridge raise even more money; at the time of writing they have raised an incredible £1.16m over the 18 years that they have been running these events - further details at 

The English Bridge Union (EBU) run regular SimPairs - further details at

More details about Bridge for Pleasure can be found at

Practice Room in the Teaching Area

The hands that were available in last week's Coaching Corner are automatically transferred to the Practice Room on the following Tuesday morning.

These are the "Double Dummy" Analysis of the hands that are presently in the Coaching Corner

Coaching Corner.May 10th

These are the hands that are in the Practice Room of the Teaching Area

Practice Room May 10th

We are grateful to Douglas Wright/Nick Wallbridge & Ann Rooke for providing the "Double Dummy" Analysis of the Coaching Corner and Practice Room Hands