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♠   ♣  News Update!

PPC PLAYERS WIN Round and About Well done! Congratulations 

Getting a 1st or 2nd @ OXFORD is not to be sneezed at!

Nor’s getting a Top at Montrose Bridge  See our new PPC SUCCESSES item.

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BridgeClubLive (BCL)

BridgeClubLive or BCL is a very friendly online Bridge Club offering the chance to play the ACOL system you're learning, online and without pressure: Click on to go straight to BCL website.

More about BCL

There are NO robots on BCL, only people! yes  You can choose to play with your partner and class mates at lots of different times throughout the week. It's a membership only Club with no advertising and the bridge playing program is designed to be used on all modern desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.

Using BCL isn't really too difficult. YOU can arrange to play with your friends easily in one of the practice rooms, or even in a coaching room where at certain times in the week there is a coach available to help you with your bidding and play.


At the start, if you want to  have a look around in BCL without being troubled by players inviting you to a game of bridge, then when you press the PLAY BRIDGE you will see the green screen offering you to Enter the Bridge Area or The teaching area. BELOW these buttons are 3 further buttons, click the DO NOT DISTURB button.