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Duke of Edinburgh skill or service
Duke of Edinburgh skill or service

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Duplicate Bridge
Duplicate Bridge

Once you have learnt to play bridge, using a standard bidding system (e.g. Acol), you will be able to play with any bridge player in the world. It is important before you start to play with a new partner that you agree some basic rules concerning how you bid and play. These are the subject of an enormous wealth of bridge literature, that for beginners can be reduced to a fairly short list. For example No trump range – normally weak 12-14, or strong 16-18; lead style – normally 4th highest from length etc. You may begin by playing rubber bridge, or Chicago (playing multiples of 4 hands at a time). However success at both rubber and Chicago depend almost as much on the luck of the cards a player is dealt as to how skilful he is.


To take away the luck of the deal you should consider playing duplicate bridge. In this form of the game each hand is played by more than one pair, and the results are compared. Therefore it is possible to spend all evening defending and still win!


Most bridge clubs affiliated to the EBU hold regular duplicate bridge sessions. For Berks & Bucks refer to, for Oxfordshire or to find your closest clubs. Not all clubs are able to provide sessions for beginners, and some duplicate sessions will be for teams of four so please check beforehand.