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Duke of Edinburgh skill or service
Duke of Edinburgh skill or service

Are you doing DoE at your school?
Do you need your bridge 'skill' signing off?

Lose that Ace now
N-S have 27 points and E-W have 13 points. 
N-S choose game in No Trumps and must make 9 tricks -only lose 4.
W leads KClubs (top of sequence)
S must be brave and lose AS right away.
S then wins 3S, 2H, 3D and 1C trick=9
Lose that Ace now
When you know you need to lose an A, do so at once.
N-S 27 points E-W 13 points South chooses Game in NT
W should lead King of Clubs- top of sequence.
S makes 3S, 2H,3D and 1C trick =9
Cross ruffing -minibridge
E-W 27 points. N-S 13 points. E-W choose game in hearts
E-W need 10 tricks -can only lose 3
Make the extra tricks by trumping clubs and spades separately.
One of the few occasions when you do not 'draw' the opponents trumps - you need them more yourself