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Lose that Ace now
N-S have 27 points and E-W have 13 points. 
N-S choose game in No Trumps and must make 9 tricks -only lose 4.
W leads KClubs (top of sequence)
S must be brave and lose AS right away.
S then wins 3S, 2H, 3D and 1C trick=9
Lose that Ace now
When you know you need to lose an A, do so at once.
N-S 27 points E-W 13 points South chooses Game in NT
W should lead King of Clubs- top of sequence.
S makes 3S, 2H,3D and 1C trick =9
Cross ruffing -minibridge
E-W 27 points. N-S 13 points. E-W choose game in hearts
E-W need 10 tricks -can only lose 3
Make the extra tricks by trumping clubs and spades separately.
One of the few occasions when you do not 'draw' the opponents trumps - you need them more yourself