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Registration Forms

This page will contain the registration forms for the Grand Prix, the three Junior Bridge Camps and the Youth Bridge Challenge, and others as required.

Forms for events more than a few months in the future may not be available yet.

  Data Protection

The information provided to us when registering and participating in these Youth bridge events will be used for administering these and future EBED or EBU Youth Bridge Events.

Should you wish to have your information removed, please contact Joan Bennett (

  Registration for the Second Grand Prix Event : 2 January 2024 (online)

The Second Grand Prix Event of the 2023-24 season will be held on Real Bridge on 2nd January 2024.

Register to play using the form below.

  • For each player we need an email address in order to send the Real Bridge player link.  If the player does not have their own email, enter "None" and we will use their parent's email.
  • If you have no EBU number, leave the box blank.
    EBU membership is free for anyone under 26 and it records the Master Points you win. To join the EBU ask your bridge teacher or see the "EBU Information" page.
  • Dates of birth are needed to know whether you are in the Open or Under-14 category.  Players over 21 should enter "Adult" as their date of birth.
  • Players under the age of 18 must provide contact details for their parent or guardian for Safeguarding reasons. For older players these fields may be left blank.
  • Only the names of the players will be listed below the form. All other information is only available to the organisers.
  • Please tick the tick-box to give us permission to use this information for future Youth Bridge Events. You can always withdraw this permission by emailing us.
  Registration for the Young Bridge Challenge : 2 March 2024

Registration is now open for the 2024 Young Bridge Challenge at Loughborough School on Saturday 2nd March.

  • At this stage we need to know how many players (players, not teams) you expect to bring - give your best estimate and on the day we can accommodate a few more or a few fewer players and we can match up players to make teams.
  • Please select the Competition to enter. Experienced players will compete for the Schools Cup (single-schools teams) and Harry Scully trophy (mixed teams), but there is another competition for less experienced players
    If you have players for both competitions, please make a separate entry for each competition.
  • The Primary Contact must be an adult (for safeguarding reasons). This will normally be the person who runs the school bridge club or who will be bringing them to Loughborough.
    For a non-school entry, please ask a parent or bridge teacher from your bridge school to complete the form.
  • If registering only 4 (or fewer) players, you may enter their names and EBU numbers in the Comments field. It will help in our preparation.
  • We will contact you in February to ask for more details about which players will be attending and their EBU numbers.

Only School name, number of players and which competition will be displayed below this registration form.

If you would like help with your players joining the EBU, please email Joan Bennett at EBED.

  Registration for the Spring Junior Bridge Camp : 23rd & 24th March 2024

Registration for the Spring Junior Bridge Camp at Cheltenham from 23rd to 24th March 2024 can be made by

  1. Completing and submitting the on-line form below (note: after a form has been submitted, you will be sent an automated email to say that your entry is being forwarded to the organiser),
  2. Making payment to Wessex Youth Bridge (business account)


  1. We will only use your personal data for the purposes of running this and other youth bridge events. We will pass it to EBED for administrative purposes, but we will not pass it to other third parties without your permission, and we will delete it from our records if you request us to do so by sending an email to Joan Bennett.
  2. Accommodation will be in Cheltenham Ladies College who will provide dinner bed and breakfast. If you wish to share with a specific person or have other requests (eg. dietary or access), please note them in the space provided at the bottom of the the form.  It may not be possible to satisfy all room preferences and priority will be given to younger children who wish to share with a family member.
  3. Adults must complete the Adult Booking/Code of Conduct Form. Juniors (born after 1st January 2006) must complete the Under-18 Consent/Code of Conduct Form. Note that all pages must be completed and the form for juniors must be signed by both the junior and  their parent or guardian. All completed forms should be sent by email to Joan Bennett or handed in on arrival.
  4. Only the booking lead name will be shown in the list below the form. All other information is only available to the organisers.

* indicates a mandatory field.