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English Bridge Union (EBU)

The English Bridge Union (EBU) is the national organisation for bridge in England.

The EBU has two schemes which reflect players' increasing ability:-

  • Masterpoints - awarded for doing well in events.
  • The National Grading Scheme - calculated based on how well you did and the relative grades of the people you played.

All the events listed here award Master Points and affect the players' NGS grade if enough of the players in the event have NGS grades (for which you need to have played quite a few boards).

To join the EBU download the appropriate membership form from the EBU Membership page (scroll down to "Direct Membership"), complete and sign it and return it to the EBU as shown on the form.

Membership of the EBU is free for players under 26. Members under 18 must have their application counter-signed by a parent or guardian.