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Junior Teach-In
2022 Summer JBC (JTI) at Kings Park Northampton

From the 2nd to 4th of September 2022, EBED held its Junior Summer Camp at King’s Park conference centre, near Northampton.

Fifty children and young adults (ages 8 to 18), from absolute beginners to junior internationals, gathered for a weekend of bridge and a lot more.

A report on this year's event and loads of photos are available on the EBED Website.

2017 Junior Teach-In at Loughborough
2017 Junior Teach-In at Loughborough

This was held at Loughborough University and was attended by children from much of the country. The facilities and food are amazing as you would expect from a venue used to feeding Olympic athletes. The excitement for us was that the main event, for the Arnott Davidson Trophy, was won by Jack and Nathan from Reading School.

It is very much a family event with one couple bringing four children and another three as well as many grandparents.

The same atmosphere is found at the Cheltenham weekend in the Spring.

2015 Junior Teach-In at Loughborough

A number of children from Berks, Bucks, and Oxon attended the Annual EBU Junior Teach-In held at Loughborough University. All standards of Bridge and MiniBridge were catered for, and judging by the comments we received afterwards all children and adults had a good time.

The Dragon School’s Henry Rose (right) with Zac Tenquist from Brighton and Sarah O’Connor the Under 15s coordinator.

Oxfordshire’s Iris and Noah Bennett (back right) with other participants.

For more information and pictures visit the EBU website, and follow the links to the JTI.

These are some of the comments received after the event:

  • “Aidan and I very much enjoyed the bridge weekend at Loughborough. I was very impressed with the bridge available for adults”
  • “It all seems to have gone very well indeed. They really loved all the practice and it seems to have been difficult to get them from the card table into bed at a sensible hour - they just wanted to keep playing!”
  • “They are keen to go back next year.”