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Spring Junior Bridge Camp
2023 Spring Junior Bridge Camp

The 2023 Spring Junior Bridge Camp will be held at the Pioneer Centre on 15th and 16th April 2023. We hope you enjoy the new venue after many happy years in Cheltenham.

The cost is £80 per youngster and £125 per adult.

The flyer is available here.

The Registration Form is here on the Registration Forms page.

2019 Wessex Weekend
2019 Wessex Weekend

This was a fantastic event, held over 6th & 7th April 2019. The main competition of 20 tables comprising Cheltenham BC members, junior squad members and everyone else was won by NS Dominic Cooke and Edmund Lea, both ex Reading School boys, and EW by Henry Rose (OBA) and Giorgio Provenza, the U16 coach. 2nd NS were Jack Lawrence and Nathan Galpin, also both ex Reading School. All are members of the GB junior squads. The picture though summarises the fantastic goodwill and camaraderie of the weekend, showing Margaret, the oldest member of Cheltenham Bridge Club, photographed with Ethan, aged 6 and Emma and Anias who are slightly older.

The weekend started with all 65 children allocated into 5 appropriate groups for teaching. All groups played a competition on Saturday night with even the youngest group managing 6 boards. By the Sunday afternoon competition, these children had progressed to be able to play 10 boards of bridge. The older teenagers cannot go to bed without their late night speedball, but this was held to 18 boards by mutual agreement. 8 minibridge awards, 6 Bronze (2 OBA) and 2 silver awards (1 OBA) were made.

As usual, the accommodation and food at Cheltenham Ladies College were amazing, and we will be back on 4th/5th April 2020.

2018 Wessex weekend
  • Bronze awards
  • Gold awards
  • Prizegiving
  • Silver winners
  • Thomas Jacob Aidan Roland

It was a great weekend for all and once again Oxfordshire children did us proud. The Sunday competition was won by Oxford's Jacob and Thomas Potter (NS), with the EW winners being Aidan (Oxford) and Roland (Sussex). Many children gained awards under EBEDs scheme, and once again, the Oxfordshire contribution was 1 Bronze (Sam), 3 silver (Finn, Cameron and Zoe), 3 gold (Thomas, Jacob and Aidan).

The food and accommodation provided by Cheltenham Ladies College was superb, as were both the food and facilities at the bridge club. Many of the children were coming for the third time - itself a recommendation. Their behaviour was exemplary - we have been invited back for 2019.

2017 Wessex weekend
2017 Wessex weekend

Fifty children, 10 family and 10 tutors enjoyed a fabulous weekend in April at Cheltenham Ladies College and Cheltenham Bridge Club. Volunteer tutors included the Welsh and U20 squad coaches - lucky children. Activities included late night speedball for teenagers, rounders, frisbee, etc. for all, and amazing food and accommodation supplied by Cheltenham Ladies College.

2016 Wessex Youth Camp

2016 Wessex Youth CampThis was a new venture held at Cheltenham in 2016. Over 100 children attended. Over a quarter of them were from Oxfordshire, the rest coming from Berkshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, London, Sussex, Cardiff and Worcestershire.

The tutors all freely gave their time and included the coaches of all the England junior squads (U15, U20 and U25).

The food was excellent, and the only downside was the weather which curtailed the usual outdoor activities.