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Duke of Edinburgh skill or service
Duke of Edinburgh skill or service

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OBA Junior IMP Pairs

When face to face bridge stopped in March 2020 because of the Coronovirus pandemic, the Oxford Junior Bridge Club met (virtually) with the youth arm of the Oxfordshire Bridge Association to look into providing some online bridge for our youngsters during lockdown.

A competition was held in May 2020 using the Bridge Base Online (BBO) platform. Though most of the players had never even heard of BBO it went very well and we decided to hold these events each month.

In early 2021 we changed to using the Real Bridge platform, which is much more like playing face to face bridge.

Now that the Oxford Junior Bridge Club is running again in person, we are organising occasional events outside term.

There are normally two sections, one playing 18 boards and the other playing about 15 boards (at a slightly slower pace).  Both sections play the same boards and use IMP scoring.

We welcome players from all over the United Kingdom and have even had people playing from abroad while on holiday.

These events are highlighted in the Calendar and Results in Purple.

If you wish to join us at these events, contact Holly Kilpatrick at .