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Bridgathon Reading
Bridgathon Reading

On 6th August 2021, 9 ex-Reading School boys played bridge continuously for 24 hours in aid of Launchpad Reading, a charity for the homeless.

They played an incredible 245 hands and raised £1768.

You can still donate through the Launchpad Reading website.

Last updated : 20th Jan 2023 09:46 GMT
August 2020



Buckets, spades, canoes, walking boots, swimmers and flippers were all abandoned at 4pm, UK time, on the afternoon of Sunday 16th August 2020, whilst 18 pairs of intrepid and formidable juniors from all over the world logged on to the 4th BBO Junior Bridge Lockdown competition.

A roundup of the variety of holiday venues proves that distance, oceans and time zones are no bar to junior competitors.

Four members of the Soonawalla family logged on in Nice; forced to share one ipad charger, at least they were not sharing Nice, as most of their fellow countrymen had fled to Blighty to beat Boris’s quarantine deadline!

The Irish Sea parted Phedra Kingston in Belfast from her regular partner Harriet Cork in England.

George Niedringhaus finished just in time for lunch, playing from sunny Florida with Zoe Soonawalla.

Alfie Lawrance played from his holiday cottage in Devon with grandfather Derek Boreham in Cheltenham.

Will Battersby abandoned his walking boots and settled down in a café in Prague where he managed to play on his iphone with scratch partner Aman Parekh in Reading.

Finally, three regular competitors, Aileen Armstrong, Andrew Newbold and Harry Minchin all live on and compete from the Isle of Wight.

Congratulations to the winners of the faster, 18 board section, Bjorn Ahl and Thomas Gardner with Zane Soonawalla and Freddie Beneat a close second.

In the 15 board section, siblings ruled again with Leo and Nola Fleming on the top of the podium and Milly and Verity Hallam in hot pursuit – watch these names everyone!

Full results of this and the three previous BBO Junior Lockdown Competitions are available on the Oxfordshire Bridge Association Website.


Last updated : 4th Feb 2023 10:58 GMT
Learn, play and competition day 2019
Learn, play and competition day 2019

On 2nd January 2019 twenty children plus parents, grandparents and tutors spent the day at the Chantry House in Henley. In the morning they improved their skills, 12 of them trying bridge bidding for the first time, and in the afternoon, after a pizza from Zizzis and a run around at the park, they played in a competition, many for the first time. The bridge competition was won by Elizabeth Cooper and Pat Lewis (OBC chair), and in second place were Ella (Gillotts) and John (grandpa) Chamberlain. The minibridge competition was won by Alex (Goring PS) and grandpa  Holman. The prizes were fun packs of cards collected on round the world cruises and donated to us. It was lovely to be joined by so many families including a French bridge playing grandfather called Luis. This was probably due to the fact that it was held during the Christmas holidays. Elizabeth Cooper, Iris and Noah Bennett also received their silver awards on the national junior award scheme.

Last updated : 4th Feb 2023 10:26 GMT
New school year 2018-2019
New school year 2018-2019

This has been an exciting week starting the new year. We have held taster sessions at Badgemore and Trinity Primary Schools in Henley, as well as at Nettlebed, Crowmarsh,Sonning Common and Marcham, so all their bridge clubs are up and running with a keen group of year 5s and 6s. There are many more schools starting again in the next few weeks, but there are so far approximately 150 Oxfordshire children playing, which suggests that the total will rise to 300 or so. Apart from the weekly sessions in schools, there are at least three training days and competitions planned in January, February and March, by which time they will be experts! It is a delight to see the bridge clubs as part of the school culture in those where it has been established for up to nine years, since both the children and the volunteer helpers all enjoy themselves. There are also more children being welcomed into the local bridge clubs, reducing the average age of the players, as they improve and seriously increasing the biscuit consumption.

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:45 BST
EBED Award Scheme

English Bridge Education and Development has been established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) for duplicate bridge, and is distinct from the EBU. A major element of the new initiatives from EBED concerns Youth Bridge.

EBED launched its new Junior Award Scheme in August to stimulate enthusiasm for junior bridge among young players, parents and educators. The scheme breaks down the skills required to develop from raw rookie to serious contender into a set of steps and milestones, and the participants must satisfactorily demonstrate the different techniques to achieve each level and progress to the next.

In the BB&O area a number of our young players have already received their Minibridge Certificates, and some have progressed to the Full Bridge Bronze Award. Pictured below are Arthur Anstis (left), and Lizzy van der Veen with their Bronze Awards, and in the centre is George Anstis with his Silver Award. (The Silver Award would be the level attained by our normal club player).

April 2017

Last updated : 3rd Nov 2022 18:01 GMT
Oxford Junior Bridge Club End of Term Competition 19th March 2017

Never work with children or animals” – whoever thought of that one? Whomsoever it was had never run a Junior Bridge Club or an end of term competition for 8 to 12 year olds, with a heavy imbalance of males!

What fun and what joy we ‘middle aged’ volunteers experienced as Summertown Church Hall filled up with 21 eager children (17 boys and just four girls) on the afternoon of Sunday 19th March.

With ten ‘bidders’ and eleven mini-bridgers, tables were hastily made up with adults, and scorer, Diane Coe gave Holly Kilpatrick, TD, the correct movement. Meanwhile at the Mini bridge end of the room, the cry went up all too soon: “Please Ma, we’ve already played these hands……” More juniors were arriving – did we have enough tables? Would we have enough tea? Were enough Easter eggs hidden in the church hall garden?? Another latecomer……another table; thank goodness, a parent clutching cakes, the tea problem temporarily solved.

“Director Please! Lead out of turn and a revoke” “Really……?” (misunderstanding of the meaning of revoke……!

“Director Please! (from the mini-bridge end?) This hand is badly sorted” – “Really? Ah, I see, each player seems to have thirteen cards of the same suit.” No problem, Anthony Harris has adopted pragmatism and has turned it into a lesson: “Now then, who is most likely to win this contract??”

More movement problems with the mini bridgers; “Quiet please, who are pair 5?” – up shot four hands. “Are you sure”? Help! where are the table slips;” “I think our pair number changed when we moved for the first round Ma…”

“Have you a key to the kitchen, Holly? The door has locked itself.” No key and we are locked away from the Easter feast , the prizes and 48 sausage rolls browning themselves in the oven! No problem, Clare jumps on a chair and climbs through the hatch, nobody notices. Another call from the bidding end “Are we playing Teams or Pairs Ma?”

Finally, we call a halt to proceedings; time for the egg hunt. They may be outnumbered but the girls’ eyes were sharper and Easter eggs were scooped up in record time while everyone descended upon the groaning tea table.  Miraculously, we seemed to feed everyone, young and older, while Diane feverishly calculated a ‘fair’ result for both sections.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the juniors who joined us on that Sunday afternoon! The hall exuded the usual good humour and bonhomie generated by youth and, on this occasion, winning simply wasn’t important!

Alas, there was no time to take photos but it really did happen.

Holly Kilpatrick

Last updated : 4th Feb 2023 10:20 GMT
2017 Young Bridge Challenge

More pictures from the Young Bridge Challenge held at Loughborough on April 4th 2017








Last updated : 13th Dec 2022 12:13 GMT
England Under 15 Team - 2016

Henry Rose has every right to be beaming! He has just heard the news that he has been selected to play for the Under 15 England team in the 2016 Youth Bridge World Championships to be held in Italy in August. Henry started bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.

henry Rose The two teams at Salsomaggiore

Pictures of Henry Rose and the two teams at Salsomaggiore.

Last updated : 20th Jan 2023 09:41 GMT
5th annual junior competition
5th annual junior competition
  • This was held at Roke on yet another sunny Sunday in February and was attended by 28 children from nine schools. There were 5 tables playing minibridge and 3 tables of bridge players.
  • The results were. Bridge 1st Max Potter and Freddie Beneat, 2nd Thomas and Jacob Potter
  •                           Minibridge, 1st Sam Soonawalla + adult, 2nd Charlie Lutyens-Humfrey and Alex Byrne, 3rd Amelia Beecroft and Harry Ellis.
  • As usual, the food was excellent, all home cooked and provided by volunteers, and the children were able to play outside in the(chilly) sunshine during their break. For most of the minibridge children, it was the first time that they had played 10 hands at a time, and they rose to the occasion magnificently. The bridge players, despite being very young, are an experienced lot and thought nothing of their 15 hands.
Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:52 BST

Oxfordshire's James Paul played in the Under 26 Team which came 4th from 18, whilst Freddie Illingworth and Laura Covill played in the Under 21's who came 13th from 16 in Tromso Norway in July

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:51 BST
Junior Teams Championship Nov 2016

An England Under 16 team finished seventh in the Czech Republic Junior Teams Championship at the end of November.


The team of Oscar Selby & Henry Rose, Jasmine Bakhshi & Liz Gahan, Alex Pemberton & Andy Cope, with NPC: Mike Bell, competed against eleven other junior sides - including some U26 teams and many with more international experience.

They struggled in their opening qualifying matches, finishing fifth of the six teams in their group. They bounced back well, however, finishing second in the next group phase to move on to the 5th-8th playoff. They lost their 'semi-final' but an emphatic victory in their final match saw them claim 7th place and improve on their good performance in the 2015 competition.

Henry Rose (on the right of the picture) started learning bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.

November 2016

Last updated : 3rd Nov 2022 18:04 GMT
Marcham Primary Pro-Am 2017


The End of Term Pro-Am was once again a great success.


Joint winners were:


Lara Withers (a winner last year) and Martha Kingsbury.


The competition was ably directed by Dave Walton, and 10 children participated.


Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:43 BST
OJBC Winter Competition November 2016


20th November 2016

The second Oxford Junior Bridge Club Competition was held at the Oxford Bridge Club on the afternoon of Sunday 20th November when twenty-five children, aged 9 – 15 years, descended upon the balloon decorated premises, generating laughter and good will. The juniors came from a variety of schools around the city and county and from as far afield as Sonning Common, Reading and the Midlands!

Congratulations to our scorer, Diane Coe and TDs, Mike Fletcher and Peter Sherry, who managed to keep boards and children moving, in spite of the speed differentials and the cross table chatting! and thanks to David Bygott for all the competition photos.

This year we merged the experienced bidders with the novices and awarded prizes in both sections. 

The mini-bridge players (left) might have been low in numbers but were high in enthusiasm and played eight boards from a recent simultaneous pairs competition. Two young entrants have only been learning for four weeks!


At 4.15 p.m. we called a halt and everyone descended upon the tea table, groaning with goodies, mostly donated by parents, many of whom joined us for tea, while Diane feverishly attempted to get a result.

When presenting the prizes, organiser, Holly Kilpatrick warmly thanked the Chairman and Trustees of the Oxford Bridge Club, who had kindly given their premises free of charge. In the mini-bridge section, first prize went to Carl Shelley, whom, although playing with an adult, had played all the hands and chosen the contracts.  In the novice bidders section our winners were Jennifer Ellis and Jacob Hathaway from Sonning Common.

In the “experienced” bidders section first prize went to Richmond Yeung and Inigo Sanchez-Asiain from the Dragon School.   Some of the results were extremely close and congratulations to all the children who took part. Full results are listed below:




1st Richmond Yeung and Inigo Sanchez Asiain

2nd Megan Jones and Henry Rose



1st Jennifer Ellis and Jacob Hathaway

2nd Jacob Potter and Freddie Beneat



1ST        Carl Shelley

2nd       Freya Cook and Louisa Alvey

3rd        Harry Litchfield and Zach Matthews

4th        Merlin Kavanna and Hanmer Hanbury


Last updated : 20th Jan 2023 09:52 GMT

The fourth Oxford Junior Bridge Club competition was held at Oxford Bridge Club on the afternoon of 3rd February, when forty-four childrem, aged  8-16 years, descended upon the elegantly refurbished premises, generating laughter and goodwill. The juniors came from near and far for this event.

Congratulations to our scorer, Lisa Furnival and TDs Mike Fletcher and Peter Sherry, who managed to run three sections and to keep the boards and children moving. The four tables of mini-bridge players were high in enthusiasm and, in some cases, low on experience! The winners, Olivia Zamora and Isabella Bravo, had only been playing for a week! Second place went to Emily McAndrew and Martha Ward, who had been playing for two weeks!

Novice bidding winners, Lawrence Crean and Thomas Rice achieved a staggering 80.56%, more than 16% more than the second pair, Daniel Bruce and Grace Harrison. James Cater and Theo Sinclair just pipped Zane Soonwalla and Freddie Beneat to top position in the Advanced Bidding section scoring 70.83% and 69.17% respectively. WELL DONE TO ALL OF THEM.

At 4.15.p.m. we called a halt and everyone descended upon the tea table, groaning with goodies, mostly donated by parents, many of whom joined us for tea, while Lisa and Mike feverishly attempted to get a result.

When announcing the winners, organiser, Holly Kilpatrick warmly thanked the Chairman and Trustees of Oxford Bridge Club, who had kindly given the beautiful premises free of charge. Pat Lewis, Chairman of OBC, presented the prizes.

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:48 BST
Ardingly Summer Camp 2016

Some Oxfordshire players attended the first of the Bridge Summer Camps this year. As you can see it was not all hard work as there was time for a refreshing break.



Aidan Saunders and Zane Soonawalla received their medals for being ‘best in their group’.



Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:42 BST
Loughborough Schools Day



28th February 2015

On Saturday 28th February six members of the Oxford Junior Bridge Club travelled to Loughborough Grammar School for the Annual Schools Challenge.  The team of four: Max Potter, William Wauchope, Henry Rose and Theo Rich were up against fierce and mature competition in the form of sixth formers from St Paul’s, Westminster, Haberdashers, and older pupils from Oxford Girls High and other prestigious schools! During the afternoon, they were required to bid and play 30 hands of bridge, with only a short supper break. Not only did they play well, they remained courteous and cheerful to one another and their competitors throughout! Thomas Potter, our team reserve, stepped in for the last round of six hands. Our team of x 4 finished an amazing 10th out of 13 teams.

The team from Oxford Girls High finished in 8th place, which was much higher than they expected.

Thomas Potter, playing with his 7 year old brother, Jacob, won the separate mini-bridge competition.



Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:50 BST
OBA competition and EBED student Sims

This was held at Roke on 22nd March 2015. Five tables of bridge players and three of minibridge players took part from 16 schools in the area. It was particularly good to see so many year 7 and upwards children, who had started playing at their primary schools, present. The hands played were from the EBU student Sims and results can be seen on the EBU (English Bridge Union) website. Click on 'Sims, past events , education bridge or minibridge to find your results. Prizes were kindly presented by Richard, Earl of Macclesfield.

The results from the Goring, Sonning Common/KE and Nettlebed heats can also be seen there. Well done to all of you.

The winning national student pair were Arthur Anstis and Cameron Butcher of Wallingford BC, whilst  Jacob Potter & Aidan Saunders finished third nationally in the minibridge competition

For more information and pictures see the 'Third OBA Annual Junior Congress' tab to the left.

Last updated : 4th Feb 2023 10:22 GMT
Reading School vs St Paul's
  • Club/Reading School Anthony Euan
  • Reading School David Ed
  • Reading School Dom Will
  • Reading School Jack Nathan

On 17th January a team of 8 Reading schoolboys travelled to London with their teacher, Judy Honikberg, to play against St Paul's School. Many of the the Reading Boys have been playing, when school work permits(!), at Reading Bridge Club, where they have halved the average age some nights. The match was played over 20 hands as 2 teams of four. All the boys played magnificently, but in particular on one hand, one Reading pair bid and made 7 No Trumps, whilst the other Reading pair bid to 7 Hearts which failed on a 5-0 split. Neither St Paul's pair bid a slam, probably due to vigorous interference bidding by the Reading boys. The final result was 86 IMPs to Reading with no negative scores, which was a stunning result. 

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:53 BST
Joan Bennett receives the Tom Bradley Award
Joan Bennett receives the Tom Bradley Award

Congratulations to Joan Bennett who has been awarded the 2012 Tom Bradley Award

This award is presented in memory of former Board Member and EBU Treasurer Tom Bradley and is given to a non-serving school teacher who has made a significant contribution to junior bridge.

The schools bridge programme was an idea that Joan formulated in the summer of 2009. Joan sold her accountancy practice and retired from business. At the same time she retired from coaching synchronised swimming and looked for a new outlet for her energy and enthusiasm. She decided she wanted to help increase the number of bridge players by concentrating on teaching bridge to school children. She attended the Partner Teacher course at the EBU and soon after was appointed as the teacher at the local sixth form college who wished to add bridge to its sixth form enrichment programme. Joan worked from the set EBU teaching hands for Minibridge and Bridge and felt she could use the approach at Primary Schools.

She recruited volunteers to join her and, with the help of Alison Nicolson, developed two one-day teaching courses which allow a volunteer to gain confidence in their ability to teach minibridge and bridge to school children. With the help of the EBU the first twenty volunteers were trained, and a application to lottery fund allowed the purchase of two dealing machines, a thousand boards and packs of cards.

Joan is for ever seeking to expand the list of volunteers and has persuaded Berkshire & Buckinghamshire CBA and Oxfordshire BA to share the funding of future courses for volunteers. They also set aside budgets to support the more general expenses of running the project. The county sponsorship has meant that events, including minibridge sims competitions, have been run free of charge with the counties paying the rent and the refreshments. As the project has grown the positive experiences of head teachers means that new schools are actively seeking the chance to take part. Ofsted has been very positive about all of the school bridge clubs.

Joan has further expanded the scheme into Hertfordshire and Dorset, with more targets in sight. There are 100+ volunteers and some claim that their own game has improved as a result. There have been very few schools or volunteers drop out, and nearly all the large number of volunteers and pupils involved thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Joan is pictured receiving the award from Michael Byrne.

Last updated : 15th Dec 2022 10:35 GMT
English Bridge Educational Trust- EBED
English Bridge Educational Trust- EBED

We were awarded a grant from the trust worth £2500 to cover the purchase of 500 new boards and 1000 packs of cards in December 2012. This will enable us to continue to support new schools with pre dealt hands from the EBU minibridge teaching hands.The original purchases, together with two dealing machines, were financed by a lottery grant to the Chiltern League in 2010.We are also supported by the Berks,Bucks and Oxon associations- effectively local players.   

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:39 BST
Duke of Edinburgh awards
Duke of Edinburgh awards

George Anstis and Lizzy van der Veen have completed their silver award using bridge as their skill, and are both continuing bridge towards their gold award. Scarlett Anstis has obtained her bronze award. Congratulations to all three of them.

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2021 12:38 BST
OJBC Winter Competition Nov 2015

The average age of the Oxford Bridge Club attendee was lowered dramatically on the afternoon of Sunday 22nd November when thirty children, aged 8 – 18 years descended upon the balloon decorated premises generating laughter and good will. With roads closed in the city centre, the A40 permanently jammed and both Banbury and Woodstock Road roundabouts “under re-construction,” it was a miracle to see so many children actually arriving from different parts of the country, including Cheltenham and Reading.

With three sections to run, mini-bridge, novice bidders and experienced bidders, an accolade must surely go to our scorers and TDs, Diane Coe, Mike Fletcher and Peter Sherry, who managed to keep boards and children moving, in spite of the speed differentials of players and the cross table chatting!

At 4.15pm, we called a halt and everyone descended upon the tea table, groaning with goodies mostly donated by parents, many of whom joined us for tea, while the scorers feverishly attempted to get a result.

The prizes were presented by Richard Sills, Chairman of the Oxford Bridge Club, who had kindly given us their premises free of charge. In the mini-bridge section, first prize went to the Reading siblings, Jacob and Alice Hathaway (in spite of one of them trumping the other’s ace!!!) In the novice bidders section our winners were John Wood and Freya Baldwin and in the “experienced” bidders section first prize went to the Anstis brothers, Arthur and George.  Some of the results were extremely close and congratulations to all the children who took part. Full results are listed below:


George and Arthur Anstis                                                          +34

Megan Stanton-Cole and Alison Withers-Green (adult)                 +2

Max and Thomas Potter                                                              -2

Freddie Yu and Richmond Yeung                                                 -34



1st        John Wood and Freya Baldwin                    59.72%

2nd       Max Cronin and Karla Maria Unwin              51.39%

3rd        Natalie Kong and Diana Cai                        50%

            Freddie Beneat and Zane Soonawala           50%

            Thomas Eadie and Rachel Wills                   50%

6th        Sally Hung and Cecelia Su                           48.61%

7th        Jacob Potter and Aidan Saunders                 45.83%

8th        Jennifer Reynolds and Ava Reynolds            43.75%



1ST        Jacob and Alice Hathaway                                         +10

2nd       Zach Matthews and Harry Litchfield                              +8

3rd        Clemmie and Edmund Fry                                             +6

            Bruno Keyworth playing with Sean Terry (adult)            +6

Picture gallery:

Richard Sills, Chairman of the OBC,  presents prizes to winners of the three sections:






More pictures of the action at the tables: