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There are lots of special games with extra MPs during the first 4 months of 2020. See here for details please ...

When looking for a partner and you would like Bill or me to assist, the best ways to let us know what you need are by emailing us the details using our contact page located here 

Release 2.19n
More special games coming the balance of January and later ...
  Wednesday EVE game Pineview

This game has been cancelled indefinitely. Please spread the word.


  Online roadmap

Game times and locations (see here) as well as results (see here) can be seen on this site. For all other information (e.g., line dancing, books, education, and more), please see this web site.

  A club for all players of any calibre ...

Welcome to our results and calendar web site. Contact information is as follows:

Bill Wheeler 613-695-7777
Michael Abbey 343-262-4063

The best way to get in touch with us is to use the contact page located here.

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  The club offerings

Bill Wheeler, owner of this club, besides a handful of games, offers:

  • Lessons for new players (please ask Bill to decide which offering is for you)
  • Lessons for more experienced players (please ask Bill to decide which offering is for you)
  • Instruction on the Bridge21 method of bidding
  • Bridge cruises
  • A Bridge21 system book

Information on all of the above can be seen here ...

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The print functionality using the icon on most pages can produce very unexpected results. On the calendar page, it could use upwards of 9 pages to print a full month. You would be better using the print functionality of your browser. If you would like some advice about this, please ask Michael. Keep in mind that the calendar could change from time-to-time in the middle of a month. Printed copy may not always be 100% up-to-date.

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21st January 2020
Open pairs PV
Pineview Golf Course 9am
21st January 2020
Beginner & refresher pairs
Kanata Seniors Council 1pm
21st January 2020
Alta Vista pairs
Pineview Golf Course 7pm
Open pairs ** STaC
Open pairs PV
Open pairs BH