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Brevion Bridge Club Newsletter October 2015

Brevion Bridge Club Newsletter October 2015

Charities Supported this year – £390 to date Brevion’s ‘copper collection’ enabled us to make donations, in memory of deceased members, to Macmillan Nurses, Cancer Research UK, children’s hospice and Alzheimer Research. I do implore you not to carry those heavy copper coins in your pocket or purse give them with your table fee as we put all copper into the charity box; and I thank you for them.

BBC’s Children In Need Appeal – Anna and Mark commenced this bridge competition, to support the BBC’s appeal, in 2002. In 2014 they donated £70,104.66. Since 2002, total donations amount to £740,011.40. In view of their magnificent effort Anna and Mark have been made an official partner of the CIN organisation; their trading ECATS motif (sitting cat with tail raised in loop over head) is now among those of MORRISONS, COVENTRY B Soc, PIZZA HUT and many other very well known companies that are major contributors of funds which will be displayed, as they accumulate, during the BBC’s entertainment program Friday 13th November. To get to know a little more of Anna and Mark, and their work within the world bridge community, I suggest you browse their web site bridge players will find the site interesting, even the play results from all club are still available back to 2002.

The bridge competition starts Friday 6th November, finishing Thursday 12th. Obviously, different hands each day but the same hands for all clubs playing on their particular day. I do hope you will all come 12th November; it is fun knowing that you are competing against players around the world, in clubs that have entered to play Thursday. As big names do not appear to enter we are all in with a chance to win the Thursday event, as we have experienced.

Bridge Lessons – Carolyn has a solid class of beginners at the college this year. Take any opportunity to recommend this fabulous game to friends and acquaintances; it may not be too late to join the class.

Directors' request.  We have members who work on Fridays, therefore we aim to finish playing at 10.30pm, unfortunately we rarely do nowadays. There are EBU guidelines which save time.

Please, adopt the following; you will find it will become natural to you very soon.

  • Opening lead – do not mark your Personal Score Card before you have faced your card.
  • Dummy – do not mark your Personal Score Card before facing your hand.

The laws of the game of bridge are complicated. If there is a problem on the table, please ask director for guidance. This should not be regarded as being officious but simply as asking ‘how do we proceed please?’. 

We frequently get questions on common errors that we all occasionally make, I will draw your attention to a few:

  • 1 and 2 NT openings – the current regulation is that we now announce ‘values’, ‘Stayman’ and ‘transfer’ bids. Weak openers at the 2 level should be announced as weak/strong/intermediate; other 2 level bids should be alerted .
  • Thus, if the ‘alert’ card is produced, and you are considering bidding, at your turn to bid you may ask what the alert meant. If you are on lead then, before you detach the card from your hand you may ask. If you are the partner of the person leading you may ask only after partner has produced his lead face down. The lead card must not be replaced as a result of the answer. NB. Do not assume that an alerted bid means the same as it would in your system If you are intending to bid, you should ask but be aware that if you ask and then pass, partner is placed in a difficult position and must be able to justify any bid made based on his hand alone.
  • Bids above 3NT should not be alerted except in exceptional circumstances (only when an artificial bid is made in the 1st round of bidding). This is a very welcome change as an alert could benefit partner eg 4C bid and alerted; asked for an explanation partner replies Gerber. The bid was actually intended as a splinter but now bidder is able to reply as if it had been Gerber and the partnership is saved!!! The new laws let bidders get themselves into a mess! As an opponent it is better not to seek clarification until you absolutely need to ie. when the auction is over but before the 1st lead.
  • Clarification of a mistaken explanation: Declarer or Dummy should inform the opposition immediately before the opening lead is made. Opposition should not say anything until the play is over when they should give the declarer the opportunity to 'reserve their rights' which means that they can call the director to seek clarification/redress. In both instances if the Director is required to be called this should happen BEFORE looking at the results traveller.
  • If someone makes an insufficient bid during the auction, it is important to call the director immediately DO NOT simply make the bid good please.
  • An opening lead out of turn provides declarer with five options so call the director for advice.
  • A card lead from the wrong player, call the director as it does not become a penalty card until the director says so.

Opponents - don’t rush in with questions during the bidding unless you are contemplating a bid yourself; to do so may compromise your partners bidding. . Ask your questions before you lead, or, before partner reveals his lead card.

Brevion’s web site – The commercial web site we now use provides facilities and information that we did not previously have (and more than I understand). We trust club members find the additional information informative..Seeing your card, the traveller and hand together is so useful (comment welcome). 

Internal Teams League – It is one league only this year we welcome others to join us.  Are we to miss out on is C’s Anzac biscuits and A’s sausage rolls. It’s a good job their wives don’t play but supplied the refreshments! The bridge is played at a leisurely pace and it’s the only time we have the opportunity to play teams. Scoring is very different to pairs can be close or disastrous but it makes for a fun night. Games don’t have to be played in the evening. What better way to spend a dull wet Sunday afternoon but with a glass of wine or cup of tea and a and of bridge. If you haven’t tried it yet there’s still time.

Brevion’s objective – Is to enable students and newcomers to progress and enjoy the game of Duplicate Bridge in the friendly atmosphere that we promote. By the very nature of the game it is competitive; however, this must be tempered with tolerance, help and understanding for all and by all.


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