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Our Longest Day Game is Thursday, June 20th.

Come and join us!

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Practice Deals using Stayman Convention

1.  Partner opens 1NT.  You hold S=KQ54; H=A98; D=32; C=J984.  What is your bid?  Why?

2.  Partner opens 1NT.  You hold S=K532; H=843; D=9765; C=Q2.  What is your bid?  Why?

3.  Partner opens 1NT.  You hold S=954; H=J9; D=A53; C=KQ976.  What is your bid?  Why?

4.  Partner opens 1NT.  You hold S-AK876; H=64; D=A54; C=965.  What is your bid?  Why?

5.  You open 1NT with S=T96; H=A72; D=AK32; C=KQJ.  Your partner responds 2C.  What is your rebid?  Why?

6. You open 1NT with S=AK43; H=9853; D=AQ; C=KJT.  Your partner responds 2C.  What is your rebid?  Why?

7. North holds S=KJT6; H=A32; D=AKT2; C=Q9 and opens 1NT.

    South holds S=AQ72; H=KQ54; D=9876; C=8 and responds 2C (Stayman)

    North rebids 2S.  What does South rebid?  Why?

8.  Partner opens 1NT.  You hold S=KJ43; H=854; D=A843; C=63 and respond 2C (Stayman).

     Partner rebids 2H.  What is your rebid? Why?

9.  Opener rebids 2H to your 2C (Stayman) response after opener began the bidding with 1NT. 

     You hold: S=KQ742; H=Q987; D=A3; C=85.  What are you going to rebid?  Why?

10. The bidding has gone: you = 1NT; partner = 2C (Stayman); you rebid 2D; partner rebids 2S.

      You hold: S=KQ7; H=98; D=AKJ2; C=A976.  How will you continue the bidding?  Why?


1. 2C (Stayman); holding a four-card major and 10HCP.

2. Pass; holding less than 8HCP required to use Stayman.  Cannot use Jacoby Transfer; no five-card suit.

3.  3NT (sign off; to play).  Cannot use Stayman with no four-card major.  Holding 10HCP and balanced distribution.  Partner holds at least 15HCP and a balanced hand.  Enough total HCP for 3NT.

4. 3S (invitational).  Holding five spades and 11HCP; show five-card suit over using Stayman.  Total HCP (11 and at least 15) are sufficient for game in a major; however opener may hold only two spades making a seven-card trump holding.  The invitational bid allows opener to “correct” should spades not be right or bid game if they are

5.  2D; telling partner, “I hold no four-card major”.

6.  2NT; telling partner, “I hold four hearts and four spades; whichever is your four-card major can become trump”.  Note:  some partnerships prefer a 2H rebid by opener, bidding up the line; spades will be opener’s next bid.

7. 4S; South knows there is a trump fit in spades and can use dummy (short suit) points to reevaluate the strength of her hand (11HCP and 3 dummy points = 14 total points).  North has at least 15HCP. The combined 29 points is more than enough to bid game in a major.

8. 2NT; this would have been your initial response had you not used Stayman.  Opener’s 2H rebid denies four spades if the partnership uses 2NT to signify four hearts and four spades.  If the partnership uses 2H to signify four hearts with the possibility of also four spades, there may yet be  a trump fit in spades if the bidders can find it.

9. 4H; a heart trump fit has been found; no need to mention the five-card spade suit.  You hold 11HCP and 2 dummy points to add to partner’s 15HCP, if he has minimum strength.  The points are there for game, so bid it.

10. Rebid 4S; partner’s 2S rebid showed five spades and an invitational hand (10-11 points).  You hold three spades for a Golden Fit of eight trump cards.  Your partnership has 17HCP in your hand plus 10 or so in partner’s.  Go for game.